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Sunday, January 20, 2019

KPO's Salary 2018

Another year has passed since I got promoted with a ridiculously huge (>20%) increment which I blogged about here - Salary - You Are Your Best Investment. I was given my new compensation package last week and it was still pretty decent (exceeded our expectation of 5% yearly). Monthly/Annual salary increases by 8.6% while the bonus remains the same in terms of the amount but decreases when converted to the typical measure of x number of months (1.4 months vs 1.71 months). Sounds like some mathematical problem sum? lol.

With that, I have unlocked another achievement - a tiny step into the 11.5% income tax bracket and will be doing all I can to bring myself down to the next tier:

To be honest, I am not even a top performer, just slightly better than average. Some of my peers/batch mates who are the top performer got promoted again or those that changed job/company all have a higher salary than me and I am happy for them! I was once very motivated too (imagine receiving >20% increment last year and was prepared to give it your all again) until your manager tells you that you cannot be promoted again at the start of the year during goals/performance setting because too fast??? #gottowaitoneyearfirst

The frustrating part is when there are other "senior" people in the team who are doing exactly the same kind of work and are less effective/doing lesser when it comes to improving processes/automation/initiatives but getting a lot more pay. I guess they are already in the cruising stage! Oh well, I can imagine a few years down the road and I become part of those "senior" people and the new graduates will come in thinking KPO is earning too much for doing the same work as them.

It is pretty interesting to read my previous salary article (above) and see how my thinking/opinion towards money/time/life has changed...

In my opinion, there will never be enough money and there will always be others that are poorer/richer than you. On the other hand, time is limited, we all have the same number of seconds, minutes and hours in a day. When you work, you are actually selling away your precious time to the company/employer. Why not sell it to the highest bidder?

We still believe that time is limited and we definitely do not want to spend the majority of our time working. One year ago, I used to think that money is everything. If I were to look out and get a higher offer, I should just leave because that will probably accelerate our plan for early retirement/financial freedom too. However, the highest bidder may not be as attractive as I thought it would be. My current workplace is really almost perfect except for the above rant. lol.

We had a few health scares last year and my manager was understanding enough to grant some time off even after I had no leaves left towards the end of the year. He said something along the line that family is the most important which resonated with me and I am very appreciative of that. I could always leave at 6pm and never have to OT all these while. The medical and dental coverage are pretty decent with no co-payment and includes coverage for spouse and children (in the future) too. It is the perfect place to cruise! YES, the offer may be higher but will it be better? It often comes with many unknowns and that would be the risk/trade-off one has to take. Having said that, I believe in the phrase - "every man for himself" and based on my observation, loyalty in a company doesn't pay. I will probably initiate the conversation to work towards promotion next year and plan accordingly. Hahahaha.

Salary Spreadsheet
I have a spreadsheet to project our salary increment and track the actual increment. Based on our starting salary and an assumption yearly increment of 5% (I thought this is conservative but CZM thinks otherwise), it would have taken me 10 years and CZM 17 years to reach our current salary.

Ministry of Manpower (MOM) published a summary table on Singapore Median Gross Monthly Income From Work (Including Employer CPF Contributions) of Full-Time Employed Residents. For the year 2018, it is at $4,437 including the employer CPF and we are well above that :)

I will be using the 2016 median income ($4,056) as an example in the spreadsheet (because it was created then and I am lazy to change the numbers), excluding the employer CPF portion ($3,467) because who does that! Imagine people negotiating with HR for a higher salary with X% increment based on their current salary including the previous employer CPF contribution. lol.

The cells highlighted in yellow are for you to input manually, everything else is formula linked. The spreadsheet projects your yearly salary based on an assumption of 5% increment. The "Salary Projection" projects based on your first drawn annual salary while the "Revised Projection" projects based on the latest "Actual Salary" specified by you. As you can see, it would have taken this imaginary person 6 years (31-25) to reach his current salary (27-25).

You can get the google spreadsheet here - $$$ Salary Projection $$$

All the best to our readers! Hope you get a nice increment too!

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Monday, January 14, 2019

Honeymoon to the United States - 2 Days 2 Nights in San Francisco

Continued from our previous post - Honeymoon to the United States - 3 Days 2 Nights in New York

Day 3
We took the domestic Alaska flight from EWR airport to San Francisco. Guess what, the flight duration from NY to SF is more than 6 hours! That's enough for us to fly from Singapore to Japan? I didn't know America is so huge (okay I am a sua ku). Thankfully, due to the time difference between NY and SF, we managed to "fly back in time" and reached SF around 10pm. We checked in at the nearby Four Points by Sheraton San Francisco Airport Hotel (free shuttle bus provided) and that basically sums up our first night in SF.

Effort A+!

Day 4
7:00AM - Breakfast checked
7:30AM - Check in @ The Park Central San Francisco checked
8:00AM - South of Market (SoMa) checked
9:00AM - Twitter HQ checked
9:30AM - San Francisco Cityhall checked
10:00AM - The Walt Disney Family Museum checked
12:30PM - Golden Gate Bridge checked
1:30PM - Lombard Street checked
2:30PM - Tony's Pizza Napoletana (award-winning pizza) checked
3:30PM - Coit Tower skipped
4:30PM - Fisherman Wharf / Pier 39 checked
7:30PM - Chinatown checked


If you have been following from the previous post, you will notice that we have been waking up before 7am everyday. Yes, our travels are always highly ambitious as I always want to cover as much as we can. So I basically have to drag KPO out of bed every morning. Poor KPO CZM!

Back to our travels, we woke up and walked to the Dunkin Donut outlet near our hotel for breakfast. It was cheap - a burger + coffee only costs under $4 (and no need for tips haha). After that, we took a Uber from Four Points to our next hotel, Park Central San Francisco. We realized that Uber is much cheaper than Taxi because 1) the rate is generally cheaper, 2) no need for tips again. Furthermore, they have much more options/types of Uber - they have the normal Uber, Uber Pool, and Uber Express. Uber Express is something which we do not have in Singapore. It is cheaper than Pool but doesn't guarantee that you will be picked up and dropped off at the exact location that you requested. So you may have to walk a small distance so that it is more convenient for pick up/drop off. But the fares are really worth it! It is almost the same price as the public buses!

The view from our hotel room. The haze >.<"
Our initial hotel booking at Park Central did not come with free breakfast. However, KPO managed to find cheaper rate + breakfast from those OTAs (either Expedia or hotel.com) and did a Best Rate Guarantee claim with SPG. Before leaving the hotel, they also gave us free N95 masks due to the bad haze there. Good service indeed.

SoMa is just within walking distance from our hotel. Hence, we decided to explore the area by foot. However, it was probably too early so none of the shops were opened :( Tip: suggest people to only visit the area during afternoons/evenings. We then headed to Twitter HQ and Cityhall for some photo takings. Not that I have a Twitter account, but since we were there, why not.

Encountered hotel staffs protesting/on strike - One job is enough?
San Francisco City Hall
We took the local public bus to The Walt Disney Family Museum after that. The ticket costs $25 per pax. It introduces Walt Disney and his family, how he built his career and eventually the Disneyland theme park as well. It is quite interesting, but probably not meant for kids as the exhibitions can be rather wordy. We spent quite some time in the Museum and only left around 2pm.

Did you know Disney Snow White was created in 1938?
As Golden Gate Bridge is only round the corner, we took the free Presidio shuttle outside the Museum to the Golden Gate Bridge and took some photos there.

Limited visibility/view due to the haze :(
By that time, I was famished. Hence, we decided to try the Uber Express to the Tony's Pizza place. Tony's Pizza is home of 13-time World Pizza Champion Tony Gemignani. Thankfully, because of the odd meal hours, we did not have to wait very long for our turn.

After our late lunch, we decided to give Coit Tower a miss, and head straight to Lombard Street - the street which is famous for a steep, one-block section with eight hairpin turns. Lombard Street is also a stone throw away from the Fisherman Wharf!

Lombard Street!
Fisherman Wharf!
As the sky starts to darken by then, we decided to walk further down to Pier 39 first to catch a glimpse of the seals lying by the pier. I was only expecting a few seals, but was surprised to see the entire pier filled with seals! I wonder why the seals are only attracted to this pier.. hmmm.. Anyway, I highly recommend this place!

Look at all the seals!

Fisherman Wharf, on the other hand, has the Clark Quay vibe. It is filled with restaurants and souvenir shops. Bought some souvenir for our colleagues before we took Uber Express again to Chinatown for dinner. I am addicted to Uber Express! We ate dinner at Hong Kong Clay Pot Restaurant which has one of the best ratings on Google. Sadly, we were disappointed again. The portions were huge, but the food was mediocre in my opinion. After dinner, KPO forbid me from taking Uber Express again so we had to walk back to our hotel! What a Kiam Pok indeed. :(

This pretty much sums up our adventure at San Francisco. Travelling down to Yosemite the next day. Stay tuned to the next post. :)

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Monday, January 7, 2019

Portfolio Performance in 2018

Let's take a look at how our overall portfolio did for the year 2018.

If you prefer looking at a graph. Ideally, the red line should be above the orange line >.<"

For the year 2018, our portfolio time-weighted return was -10.37% vs -6.63% (ES3: STI ETF). The overall performance since 2014 is -1.56% (time-weighted return) and 0.35% (XIRR). This is pretty bad and I will go into details later. If you are wondering what is the difference between time-weighted return and XIRR, do read this article by common fund. In short, XIRR takes cash flows into account while time-weighted return does not so the way they are calculated is different.

Looking at the top 5 losers and you can see that these are huge losses:
1. APAC Realty (average price $0.862 vs current price $0.465). This was one of our best investment when it went up to $1.20+. Then the cooling measure came and everything became a horror show. Looking at its latest quarterly financial report, its fundamentals have not changed so we will not be selling it. The possibility of averaging down exists.

2. QAF (average price $1.333 vs current price $0.595). Fundamentally, QAF has been struggling qoq/yoy and I should have sold it earlier. Oh well, it is now on the "cold storage" list. Definitely not averaging down.

3. CityDev (average price $9.963 vs current price $8.34) - Similar to APAC Realty, its price tumbled after the cooling measure falling from a high of $13+ and we decided it was a good time to attend. You can read about it here - Portfolio - August 2018. The possibility of averaging down exists.

4. Thaibev (average price $0.86 vs current price $0.615) - I have blogged about Thaibev a couple of times and continues to believe that it will come out stronger after the extremely expensive Sabeco acquisition. The possibility of averaging down exists.

5. Geo Energy Resources (average price $0.233 vs current price $0.182) - I just average down last month. You can read about it here - Portfolio - December 2018. The possibility of averaging down exists.

Ignore Ezion warrant (those are "free"), TSH is now a shell company after it sold everything and did a capital distribution and Gold shares are from StashAway portfolio.

Looking at the top 5 winners, 4 of them are REITs and that is why I love REITs so much. lol. They are less volatile (apart from those that do ridiculous rights issues, typically the "weaker" REIT without a strong sponsor) and pay out dividends regularly!

Generally, the market sentiment has been pretty weak and we have gotten more selective/humji.

Together, we have a capital flow/injection of $93,466.73! Capital flow is the amount of capital that is being injected or withdrawn from your portfolio where the dividends collected are considered as capital withdrawn. Our rate of saving/investing has dropped due to higher expenses from our wedding and honeymoon. It is around 50-70% of our salary this year.

Our portfolio gave us a total dividend of $14,347.58 at an average yield of 4.20%. That is $1,196.63 passive income per month! Unfortunately, the yield of 4.47% is below our target/expectation of 5%.

StocksCafe is even smart enough to project the dividends we will be getting for next year assuming everything remains constant. Seems like it is still at a low 4%, probably need to go back and hunt for REITs.

Based on our 10 years plan to accumulate a $1,000,000 portfolio for extremely early retirement (age 36), our target for this year was $357,268 and we have failed to the target despite injecting more capital than expected :( The current market value of our portfolio is $354,145 (close enough?). Our next year conservative target is $431,301 with a capital injection of $53,865. Our yearly target is pretty conservative as we believe our expenses will be growing exponentially year on year. Just like how some babies are unplanned, we bought First Class ticket on the first day of the year and will be flying to the United States again thanks to Cathay Pacific. We will also be getting our BTO house this year which means more $$$ flying away... We have yet to budget for baby/babies too so plan will change! Plans are made to change :)

Let's hope 2019 will be a great and better year for everyone and your investment!

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Honeymoon to the United States - 3 Days 2 Nights in New York

We had an extremely packed itinerary and were in New York for just 3 days before flying to the West Coast. The main reason why we flew into New York first is that Singapore Airlines only operates A380 (Suites) to/from New York (JFK).

I will be sharing our actual itinerary vs what we did on that day (after all things do not always go according to plan) so that you can learn from our mistakes or take note of the costs/expenses incurred. My memory is not good but fortunately/unfortunately, Google is constantly tracking us.

Day 1
2:00 PM - New York Public Library checked on Day 3
3:00 PM - Rockefeller Centre checked
4:30 PM - Trump Tower checked
5:00 PM - Central Park semi-checked
6:00 PM - Grand Central Terminal checked on Day 3
7:00 PM - Meet a friend for dinner checked
8:00 PM - The Gallivant Times Square (back to the hotel to rest) checked


We reached JFK around 12pm, cleared the immigration and took a taxi to our hotel - The Gallivant Times Square. The taxi costs US$60 flat fee + toll + tips and it became US$70.26 in total. The jam in New York was so terrible that even Google mistook it as a walk! By the time we reached the hotel, it was around 3pm.

Trump shirt, anyone?
We walked around Time Square, Rockefeller Centre, and Trump Tower. One thing we failed to take into account is the time the sun sets/night falls which shortens the day significantly! You can see from the above that we walked to the edge of Central Park only to turn around because it was too dark then. The time was around 5/6pm but the sky is like Singapore 8/9pm.

We then had our dinner at Vezzo Thin Crust Pizza with our friend who went on secondment to New York for about 1/2 years. Do go early/avoid meal time because we went around 7pm and waited about 30-45 minutes before getting a table due to its popularity among the locals there. The pizza was great though, definitely worth the wait!

Day 2
8:00 AM - Empire State Building skipped
9:30 AM - Port Authority Bus Terminal (Bus Pick Up Point) checked
10:30 AM - Woodbury Common Premium Outlets checked
6:15 PM - Dinner, OTOT (Grand Central Terminal) then return to the hotel checked


We woke up early to reach the Port Authority Bus Terminal at 7+am as we wanted to catch the first bus there. We purchased the shuttle bus to Woodbury too early, and only learnt later from our friend (above) that you can actually get it on Groupon at a discounted price! :(

Woodbury Premium Outlet - Not the crowd we were expecting...
We managed to reach Woodbury just in time when the shops were opened, and amazingly, there was barely anyone there. We later learnt that this was because there was an imminent snowstorm that day. So we were kind of lucky to have the entire outlet almost to ourselves.

Had lunch at Shake Shack outlet at Woodbury since everyone who has been to the US highly recommended it. It was indeed nice. The meat patty was juicy and the milkshake was soooooo good (but fattening). The milkshake felt like I was drinking melted ice cream. It was that creamy, that nice.

Snow, snow! Yay!
However, when the snow storm came, most outlet stores closed early (around 4/5pm) and so we decided to catch the earlier bus back to NY city. To our horror, the roads leading to Woodbury were in a massive jam and it took the shuttle buses hours to get to Woodbury to pick us up.

Most expensive Uber?
By the time we managed to board the shuttle bus, it was almost 7+pm! But this was not all, the roads outside of Woodbury continued with the jam as many cars were stuck in the deep snow. Many drivers had to get off their cars to push them.

As a result, by the time when we FINALLY reached NY city, it was already 1am. We did not have our dinner and was cold and hungry. What an experience. A note to ourselves, never ever drive in a snowstorm. It is crazy!

Day 3
7:00 AM - Breakfast checked
8:00 AM - New York Stock Exchange/Wallstreet/Bull Charge checked
10:00 AM - Federal Reserve Bank of New York checked
11:00 AM - Lunch checked
12:00 PM - Whitehall Ferry Terminal - Statue of Liberty checked
2:00 PM - 911 Memorial checked
3:00 PM - Chinatown checked
4:00 PM - Brooklyn Bridge skipped
5:00 PM - Newark Liberty International Airport checked


We woke up early to get visit the must-see NYSE, Wallstreet and Bullcharge. We were expecting huge crowds around these places but were surprised to see no one. Perhaps because we were early.

We had the whole area to ourselves, selfies with the bull and the girl.
Thereafter, we went to the Whitehall Ferry Terminal to take the FREE ferry to Staten Island and back. We have researched previously and learnt that we are able to see the Statue of Liberty from there, so why not. Some pictures of the ferry and Statue of Liberty below -

The free Staten ferry!

After zooming in!

Do you see the Statue of Liberty?
As we were on schedule, we continued on to the 911 memorial. There was a Lady M store nearby and we bought a slice of the cake to try. It tastes pretty much the same as the one in Singapore, but more expensive due to the exchange rate. Oh well.

911 Memorial
We continued on to Chinatown and found a Chinese/Hong Kong restaurant with quite good reviews on Google so decided to have our lunch there. The food portion was huge, but the taste was underwhelming. I miss Singapore food!! Unfortunately, we did not have time to visit the Brooklyn Bridge after that as we had an evening flight to catch to San Francisco but we managed to stop by the New York Public Library and Grand Central Terminal for some photo taking on the way back to our hotel for check out. Highly recommend these two places. They are so pretty! See photos below:

New York Public Library Exteriors
New York Public Library
After that, we went back to our hotel and took an airport transfer (Go Airlink) to Newark Airport (picked up at our hotel). It was booked the day before at $20 USD per pax (much cheaper than taking a taxi). I am quite surprised that we managed to cover most of the places that we wanted to visit in NY despite our super ambitious itinerary. :)

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Friday, January 4, 2019

Our CPF 2018

We did not want to reveal too much of our CPF previously because the salary could potentially be computed by reversing the numbers. However, since our monthly salary has already exceeded the contribution cap (the Ordinary Wage Ceiling which is currently capped at $6,000), we can now review the numbers and the interest that was credited a few days ago!


I was transferring OA to SA for higher interest once I started working and blogged about it here - CPF Milestone ($40k in Special Account) and The Power of Compound Interest. I stopped transferring and began to build up OA to prepare for our next BTO HDB downpayment (soon!). In the past, HDB will wipe out all the amount in OA and people attempt to circumvent it by buying bonds or transferring to SA which was our plan as well. Fortunately, there was a change in policy (HDB 想通了/achieved enlightenment. lol) and we can now keep up to $20,000 in OA. You can read about why we do not wish to wipe our OA here - Chiong Housing Loan or Take It Slow?

Interest received:
OA - $367.29
SA - $2,391.50
MA - $489.99

Total: $3,248.78


CZM's CPF is managed by me too because she says the money is not hers/cannot be taken out anyway but I shall prove her wrong. Similar plan - I transferred all her OA to SA and slowly build up her OA again. I will be keeping more money in her OA (maybe 2 years worth of mortgage/housing loan while I will only be keeping 1 year) because our plan is to retire CZM first! On a side note, you will be able to see the huge difference in our CPF although we are of the same age/salary. The "price" Singaporean men have to pay for serving our nation.

Interest received:
OA - $532.92
SA - $3,292.48
MA - $971.40

Total: $4,796.8

Together, we have received $8,045.58 :)

I have a spreadsheet that attempts to forecast CPF minimum sum and tracks how close/far are we to meeting/hitting the minimum sum. This is computed by adding OA and SA together (which forms RA when we hit 55). As of now, I have only met 45.08% based on the current minimum sum of $171,000 while CZM is at 61.28%. It is worth noting that we have yet to start paying for our mortgage hence it is on the high side.

Something I like to do, assuming that CZM stopped working now and there will be $0 contribution to her CPF, will she be able to hit the minimum sum? Using a finance calculator and her current SA of $77,391.19, the future value when we are 55 is $214,564.74. Pretty close to the lower bound of the estimation ($231,000 which is compounding the minimum sum at 1%). Guess CZM got to continue to work for a few more years. Hahahaha.

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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Thank You Cathay Pacific! Another First Class Flight on American Airlines

By now, you should have seen news about Cathay Pacific selling cheap Business and First Class ticket at Economy prices on the first day of the year. That was how CZM and I were spending our morning! Even though the tickets were really cheap, we could not decide on when and where to go. CZM has this month end stuff at the start of the month (it doesn't make sense to me) so technically, we can only travel from mid-month to the end of the month. It becomes more complicated when you add in quarter and financial year end. Oh well, the life of an auditor/accountant @_@"

Some of the screenshots we took while hesitating/thinking if we should be booking it:

You know it is a mistake/glitch/bug when the Business price is so much more expensive than First Class.

Must we really fly to Vietnam? I guess so... 
We even had the real deal at one point in time until the session timeout -.-"
When we finally decided to just whack, it turns out Cathay has already taken action to "fix" the cheap tickets by zeroing out all the Business and First Class seats so we could no longer reach the above pages. Disappointed - 失去了才懂得珍惜. After all, this was such a good deal in so many ways!

Meanwhile, I was still following the flyertalk thread (you can see who managed to book and when/where they will be flying now) closely and saw someone commented that HAN - IAD (Hanoi to Washington) was still available. We went in and booked it immediately despite it being operated by partner airlines - American Airlines!

We can experience Economy, Business and First Class all in this trip!
The original fare is around 12,114 USD per pax.
I manage to find a pretty similar flight (same timing and same operator but returning 1 day later) which cost $24,228 USD. We are paying only ~12.16% of the original fare. In addition, we purchase this as a "full" price ticket so we will be credited the full amount of miles (31,810 Asia Miles each, 63,620 in total). Asia Miles can be redeemed using Citi Miles (10,000 for 10,000) or Citi Rewards (25,000 for 10,000). Assuming if we were to convert our Citi Miles/Rewards over to Asia Miles, we would need about $53,000 SGD spending (general spending at 1.2 mpd) or $15,905 SGD spending (specialized spending at 4 mpd). We are getting First Class flights + Asia Miles for only ~$4,125 SGD (assuming 1 USD to 1.4 SGD).

Ideally, one should be crediting their miles to Alaska Airlines Mileage Program since there are 350% bonus miles but you should be aware of the T&Cs for those operated by partner airlines. I will be highlighting some of them here:
- Flights must fall within the eligible flight number range below, and your flight must be marketed and operated by Cathay Pacific. Eligible flight numbers: 0100–0999
- To ensure flight credit for international travel on American Airlines, the two-letter airline code (AA) must precede the flight number (for example, AA XXXX) on your ticket receipt or boarding pass.- American Airlines domestic flights with an "AA" flight number will no longer earn Mileage Plan miles.

Our CX 7XXX flights operated by American Airlines is pretty grey because it is definitely out of the 999 CX code and there is no AA code on our ticket receipt. Pretty sure it will not appear on the boarding pass too. Alternatively, what you can do is to leave it blank and do a retro claim on miles as suggested by someone in the Milelion telegram chat. Feels like there is too much trouble so we will probably just stick with Asia Miles.

Anyway, with the ~30,000 Asia Miles, we will be able to easily redeem another Cathay Business/First Class flight :) What a great start to the year 2019! Bravo to Cathay Pacific for honouring the fares and accepting it as their mistake. Having said that, I feel sorry for the shareholders >.<"

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