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Friday, January 29, 2021

Mount Alvernia Delivery & Phototherapy Charges

Raising a child is definitely not cheap if one chooses to go the private route. If money is a concern, I believe the public route will be significantly cheaper. You can read about our experience here (Our Baby Journey) when we went to KKH as a public/subsidized patient. It wasn't too bad except that you don't get a fixed gynae and there's no ultrasound every visit (only listening to the baby's heartbeat).

Anyway, a rough estimate of our expenses so far since we discovered CZM's pregnancy is >$20k. To be honest, I lost track of our expenses since last year November. Shall try to resume it after the baby can sleep through the night. lol. Today I will be sharing one of the biggest expenses, the delivery charges!

Mount Alvernia Maternity Package can be found here and the one we got was a single room for normal delivery with epidural which is $3,812.41. Well, that is not even half the total cost. Our total damage: $11,214.48

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Yeah. About half went to the doctors (gynae, anesthetist, and PD). We could deduct $2,550 from my Medisave, hence the cash outlay is $8,664.48. Do note that this is just the delivery charges and does not include the consultation/ultrasound fees paid to the gynae. Estimated to be around/more than $3k.

In our previous post (1 Month as a Parent), I blogged about how Baby Ong has jaundice and was admitted to the hospital for phototherapy. Let's take a look at the bill!

One day of phototherapy cost us $967.92!

We were able to deduct another $450 from my Medisave, hence the cash outlay is $517.92. To be honest, I was a bit shocked by the bill. Never expected it to be near $1k. When the result of her blood test was out (290+) and the PD was saying it is near the risky level of 300. Money was the least of our concern and we just wanted her to be healthy and safe, so we immediately admitted her thinking that should be the best course of action. 

However, when we visited her later at night to pass the nurse some breastmilk, we could hear her crying from outside the nursery as though she was left there to cry the whole time. It could have been us overthinking it but it certainly broke our hearts. If we could redo it, we would have rented the phototherapy equipment and done it ourselves. It would have been much cheaper (~$200-$400 for 3 days 2 nights rental according to theAsianparent) and we could have taken better care of her. On the bright side, her jaundice level has already dropped to ~130+ when we visited the PD last week. Hopefully, in the next 2 weeks, it will drop below 100 and she can be "discharged" officially.

This also explains why we were not buying any/many stocks for the last 2 months.

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