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Monday, November 5, 2018

Singapore Airlines Suites - Book the Cook

Time flies! About a year ago, I blogged about Redeeming KrisFlyer Miles for Singapore Airlines Suites = 38.6% Cashback! and in a few weeks time, we will be going on our honeymoon!

Singapore Airlines allows one to "Book the Cook" (BTC) if you are flying Premium Economy and above. That essentially just means that you can choose your main course way in advance (at least 24 hours before the flight) instead of what is being served in the in-flight menu. The menu/selections do differ based on the class of the flight you are taking and where the flight is departing from. In addition, the food will be plated when served for Business class and above, with some of them being designed* by the Singapore Airlines International Culinary Panel. If it doesn't taste good, blame the person preparing the food - SATS? lol.

Our flight to the United States is fortunately/unfortunately not the non-stop flight depending on how you look at it (the non-stop flight does not offer any Suites/First class seats). We will be flying to Frankfurt with a 2-hour overlay before flying to New York, JFK. The BTC menu is different when flying out of Singapore vs flying out of Frankfurt

Over the weekend, CZM and I were having a hard time selecting the food! We have 8 meals in total to select - 4 meals each, 2 per flight:
SIN-FRA: Supper
SIN-FRA: Breakfast
FRA-JFK: Brunch
FRA-JFK: Lunch

Let's take a look at the in-flight menu first!

SIN-FRA: Supper

SIN-FRA: Breakfast

FRA-JFK: Brunch

FRA-JFK: Lunch

To be fair, the in-flight menu looks pretty decent too. With the help of Milelion Book the Cook Wiki (definitely much better than SIA own BTC page. lol) and some random post on FlyerTalk, we have decided on the following:


Grilled Beef Fillet with Balsamic Onion Sauce - Designed by Singapore Airlines International Culinary Panel Chef Alfred Portale who was named Best Chef in New York in 1993. Seems like the best/most fitting dish for our honeymoon to New York.

The Kyo-Kaiseki is for the adventurous because the ingredients and garnishes changes with each season and is designed by Singapore Airlines International Culinary Panel Chef Yoshihiro Murata whose restaurants have been awarded seven Michelin star - more than any other in Japan. Unfortunately, CZM is allergic to seafood hence got to give this a miss.

The Boston Lobster Thermidor seems to be one of the popular/value for money choice. Would you prefer having udon soup, curry chicken or fresh eggs instead?

Artichoke-Tomato Crusted Loin of Lamb - I am not really a fan of lamb but chose this so that we can have more variety.


Inflight Menu - Roasted Bacon-Wrapped Beef Fillet in Red Wine Jus with Bone Marrow. Same same but different as mine so that we can compare which is better.

Sliced Grouper Congee - CZM loves congee for unknown reason. Hahaha.

Suckling Pig with Beer Sauce is one of the popular choices for flights out of Frankfurt.

Inflight Menu - Marinated Pot Roasted Veal Cheek with Dried Fruit Sauce. One of our favorite food is the pork cheek shio ramen from Santouka. When CZM saw veal cheek, it was an obvious choice for her.

Besides, BTC, there are other facilities/benefits such as The Private Room and in-flight WiFi (100 MB per flight - kinda lame but good enough for communicating with families and friends over WhatsApp).

Stay tuned to more Singapore Airlines Suites updates!

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  1. Woah. So many meals to choose from! Enjoy ;)

    I like SQ's BTC service. Seems much better than their in-flight menu plus I like the certainty of choosing something that I'd like to have for my meal.

    1. Hi TI,

      Thank you! This is our first time trying the BTC service and we were definitely overwhelmed with choices. Hahaha.

      I like the certainty of choosing something that I'd like to have for my meal. ---> I agree!