Saturday, July 22, 2017

Free Google Play $7 Credit for Book

KPO previously introduced a way to earn Google Play credit through Google Opinion Rewards. Ever since then, I have been shopping in the Play Store every once in a while. Most of the time not buying anything, if only I can invest the credit. lol. Today, I came across an offer in the Books category!

Although it states "Just for You" or me, I believe some if not all of you will have it too! Click on it and you will get the below T&Cs. You have until 30th September 2017 to redeem the offer!

The promotion "$7 Credit on any Book Over $7" is just another marketing gimmick to make you spend money (the least you would have to pay is $0.01)! However, if you have been doing some surveys over the past few weeks, you would have accumulated a huge amount of Google Credit (I have > $10). So I went shopping for investment related book and finally decided to settle on one - "Building Wealth through REITS (Expanded Edition)". The reason why I chose this book is that the content/discussion is based on Singapore REITs.

If you prefer the hard copy/physical book, you can purchase it in Kinokuniya for $23.54 ($21.19 if you are a member). The total cost of the book KPO got it for - $0.00! Haha. 

Another excellent book that I would like to recommend is "The Intelligent Investor". You can head over to missniao's article for a quick summary and a link to download the free 5th edition PDF book - Best $35 spent in my entire life – The Intelligent Investor.

Let me know if you guys have the promotion too and which book did you purchase? I have a lot of Google Credit and dun know where to spend it. lol.