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Monday, January 7, 2019

Portfolio Performance in 2018

Let's take a look at how our overall portfolio did for the year 2018.

If you prefer looking at a graph. Ideally, the red line should be above the orange line >.<"

For the year 2018, our portfolio time-weighted return was -10.37% vs -6.63% (ES3: STI ETF). The overall performance since 2014 is -1.56% (time-weighted return) and 0.35% (XIRR). This is pretty bad and I will go into details later. If you are wondering what is the difference between time-weighted return and XIRR, do read this article by common fund. In short, XIRR takes cash flows into account while time-weighted return does not so the way they are calculated is different.

Looking at the top 5 losers and you can see that these are huge losses:
1. APAC Realty (average price $0.862 vs current price $0.465). This was one of our best investment when it went up to $1.20+. Then the cooling measure came and everything became a horror show. Looking at its latest quarterly financial report, its fundamentals have not changed so we will not be selling it. The possibility of averaging down exists.

2. QAF (average price $1.333 vs current price $0.595). Fundamentally, QAF has been struggling qoq/yoy and I should have sold it earlier. Oh well, it is now on the "cold storage" list. Definitely not averaging down.

3. CityDev (average price $9.963 vs current price $8.34) - Similar to APAC Realty, its price tumbled after the cooling measure falling from a high of $13+ and we decided it was a good time to attend. You can read about it here - Portfolio - August 2018. The possibility of averaging down exists.

4. Thaibev (average price $0.86 vs current price $0.615) - I have blogged about Thaibev a couple of times and continues to believe that it will come out stronger after the extremely expensive Sabeco acquisition. The possibility of averaging down exists.

5. Geo Energy Resources (average price $0.233 vs current price $0.182) - I just average down last month. You can read about it here - Portfolio - December 2018. The possibility of averaging down exists.

Ignore Ezion warrant (those are "free"), TSH is now a shell company after it sold everything and did a capital distribution and Gold shares are from StashAway portfolio.

Looking at the top 5 winners, 4 of them are REITs and that is why I love REITs so much. lol. They are less volatile (apart from those that do ridiculous rights issues, typically the "weaker" REIT without a strong sponsor) and pay out dividends regularly!

Generally, the market sentiment has been pretty weak and we have gotten more selective/humji.

Together, we have a capital flow/injection of $93,466.73! Capital flow is the amount of capital that is being injected or withdrawn from your portfolio where the dividends collected are considered as capital withdrawn. Our rate of saving/investing has dropped due to higher expenses from our wedding and honeymoon. It is around 50-70% of our salary this year.

Our portfolio gave us a total dividend of $14,347.58 at an average yield of 4.20%. That is $1,196.63 passive income per month! Unfortunately, the yield of 4.47% is below our target/expectation of 5%.

StocksCafe is even smart enough to project the dividends we will be getting for next year assuming everything remains constant. Seems like it is still at a low 4%, probably need to go back and hunt for REITs.

Based on our 10 years plan to accumulate a $1,000,000 portfolio for extremely early retirement (age 36), our target for this year was $357,268 and we have failed to the target despite injecting more capital than expected :( The current market value of our portfolio is $354,145 (close enough?). Our next year conservative target is $431,301 with a capital injection of $53,865. Our yearly target is pretty conservative as we believe our expenses will be growing exponentially year on year. Just like how some babies are unplanned, we bought First Class ticket on the first day of the year and will be flying to the United States again thanks to Cathay Pacific. We will also be getting our BTO house this year which means more $$$ flying away... We have yet to budget for baby/babies too so plan will change! Plans are made to change :)

Let's hope 2019 will be a great and better year for everyone and your investment!

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