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Monday, January 28, 2019

Expenses - December 2018

It has been a very sad and dramatic week for many especially the family. It is extremely difficult to come to terms with death when it happens so suddenly and even more so for the parents (白发人送黑发人 - to see one's child die before oneself). RIP Aloysius Pang.

I am lagging in some of my updates, shall try to publish them before the month ends!

Current Profile: 28 years old male who got married recently and is still living with his parents. Staying separately with his wife while waiting for the BTO project to be completed this year.

You can read more about how we manage our finances here. Removing our shared expenses which come out of our mutual fund (KPO Expense Fund), my expenses for December would be $4,354.30 - ($2,340.65 / 2) = $3,183.98.

Got to generate this to lie to myself that I actually did not spend so much money >.<"

Attended 5 weddings on December:
- W Singapore Lunch Banquet: $500 (with CZM)
- Andaz Singapore Lunch Banquet: $200 (solo)
- Resorts World Sentosa: $180 (solo)
- Regent Hotel Singapore: $500 (with CZM)
- Hilton International: $180 (solo)

Before I started working, I hated getting "bombed" because my pocket money was $50 per week. I either try not to attend or I will give $50 which was 25% of my monthly allowance. When we got married, I told my siblings gf/bf to just come and don't need to give red packet because I knew how painful it was. lol.

Nowadays, I will attend the wedding as long as I am not travelling/working. I tend to give slightly more based on the cost of the banquet referencing this site - Wedding Ang Bao Rates while $500 is the standard rate for our best friends regardless of the venue.

This is a fixed monthly cost for the basic coverage - term life and hospitalization.

It is higher this month due to the annual premium of CZM's hospitalization plan from Aviva - MyHealthPlus, Plan 1 - Opt C.

I previously blogged about my promotion and increment - Salary - You Are Your Best Investment and it was only effective from February so I gave my parents more allowance as well.

I bought DJI Osmo Pocket!

Bought 2 return air tickets to Bali from Jetstar. Yes, we will be travelling shortly on Feb again. Haha.

Tried out honestbee laundry (2 of our winter coat) and it was an extremely bad experience. They delivered CZM's winter coat to someone else and took like 2/3 weeks to get it sorted out before returning to us. They gave $10 laundry credit as a form of apology but I rejected them and told them in the face that I will not be using their laundry service again. So they refund the cost of 1 winter coat.

The transport cost was the taxi ride back home when we came back from our honeymoon.

My food expenses are exceptionally low because I stay with my parents! Most of it is incurred when I am out with CZM.

Treated CZM's family to Dian Xiao Er and colleague to drinks.

Public transportation seems a lot lower because of 3 reasons:
1. I am no longer using EZ Link Auto-Reload. Account-Based Ticketing (ABT) is a much better choice as you pay what you use instead of triggering top up where the money is stored in the EZ Link card. The best part is miles can be earned too (using BOC Elite Miles Mastercard)!
2. $0.50 Discount for commuters who enter stations before 7.45am on weekdays.
3. We went vacation for 2 weeks!

Watched some movies (Bumblebee, Aquaman and Mortal Engines) and ate some popcorn.

Missing cash from my wallet which I cannot explain/never track. lol.

January 2018 - $2,256.43
February 2018 - $1,759.01
March 2018 - $5,049.79
April 2018 - $1,572.54
May 2018 - $1,863.74
June 2018 - $2,282.07
July 2018 - $2,197.94
August 2018 - $2,130.01
September 2018 - $3,011.75
October 2018 - $6,500.97
November 2018 - $4,796.14
December 2018 - $3,183.98

Total expenses for 2018: $36,604.37
Average expenses per month for 2018: $3,050.36

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