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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Singapore Airlines Suites Experience - SQ26 Singapore to New York

Having only taken Economy flights for our whole lives, we are always envious of those people taking the premium flights as they are always the first to board and leave the plane. Hence, we were so excited when SIA make the announcement to invite Suite Class passengers to board the plane, to the envy of all other passengers (#childish).

As we entered the A380 plane, the air stewardess and stewards greeted us by our surnames and brought us to our seats. They self-introduced and informed us that they would be attending to our needs throughout the flight. They asked if we would like a glass of champagne and highly recommended the Krug and Dom Perignon to us (only available on Suites). We agreed though we didn't share the same enthusiasm as we aren't very into alcohol. KPO even commented that he preferred Baileys to Dom Perignon. HAHA (#cheapo).

As the plane started moving and about to take off, the stewardess promptly removed our champagne glasses. We then started exploring the Lalique amenity kits provided to us - the male and female versions in the pictures below. Basically, it includes body lotion, perfume/cologne, lip balm, and facial mist. We were also provided sleepwear (S, M, L sizes available), eyeshade and a pair of noise-canceling headphone by Bang & Olufsen.

Similar to the menu in the Private Room, the food menu on the plane is CRAZY. There are two pages dedicated to coffee alone. For coffee-addicts, the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is only available for Suites class and I loved it!

Jamaican Blue Mountain

Flight Menu from Singapore to Frankfurt 

For food, KPO ordered from BTC, while mine is a mixture of BTC and inflight menu - see Singapore Airlines Suites - Book the Cook. See below for some of the food porn.

For starters, we had garlic bread and Cauliflower Panna Cotta with Malossol Caviar. 
This was the first time both of us had caviar, and we absolutely loved it!

Next, KPO had some oriental pork broth while I had the Chestnut Veloute.

Oriental Clear Pork Broth

Chestnut Veloute

For mains, KPO had Grilled Beef Fillet with Balsamic Onion Sauce (BTC) while I had Roasted Bacon-Wrapped Beef Fillet in Red Wine Jus with Bone Marrow.

Personally, I think KPO's dish was just ordinary, but mine was fantastic! The beef was cooked just right and the bacon enhanced the flavour of the dish further. 

Grilled Beef Fillet with Balsamic Onion Sauce (BTC)

Roasted Bacon-Wrapped Beef Fillet in Red Wine Jus with Bone Marrow

For dessert, we were served the fruits platter and Moist Bitter Chocolate Tart.

After we are done with our supper, we requested to convert the seats to the lie-flat bed. In less than 5 mins, our room was converted to this:

The two bears in the photo are provided by SIA, not sure if they provided because they learnt that it was our honeymoon, or because they saw us taking photos of Donald and Piglet. First class service indeed! The bed is super comfy and both of us soon fell into deep sleep...

When we woke up, it was time for breakfast! KPO ordered the Kyo Kaiseki (BTC) while I ordered Fish Congee (BTC). No food photo for congee as congee just looks..well..like congee...

Kyo Kaiseki (BTC)

Surprise surprise! When we thought everything was going to end soon, the crew prepared something special for us with a congratulation card. Apparently, KPO told them that we were on our honeymoon when I was using the bathroom, and they decided to throw in a mini surprise for us. FYI, the congratulation card was hand drawn! So touched!

Thank you, crew of SQ26 SIN-FRA!

Before we knew it, we have arrived at Frankfurt airport! When we alighted from the plane, a staff was there to pick us and guided us to the Lufthansa Senator Lounge. She even offered to fetch and bring us to the boarding gate when the time is right which we declined. Needless to say, we did not eat anything as we were simply too full!

Our next leg was from Frankfurt to New York. It was basically the same experience, but shorter :( 

Flight Menu from Frankfurt to New York

KPO ordered the Boston Lobster Thermidor (BTC) while I ordered the Suckling Pig with Beer Sauce (BTC). FYI, the suckling pig is not the chinese kind where the skin is crispy, but nevertheless I still love it. KPO liked his Boston Lobster too, just that he preferred the lobster in the Private Room more. 

Appetizer - Marinated Lobster Medallion

Suckling Pig with Beer Sauce (BTC)

Boston Lobster Thermidor (BTC)

Lafer's Chocolate Kiss with Grand Marnier Cream

We took a short nap after lunch before ordering the last meal on the flight. KPO ordered Artichoke Tomato Crusted Loin of Lamb (BTC) while I ordered the Marinated Pot Roasted Veal Cheek with Dried Fruit Sauce (inflight menu). By then, we were already so full that even fine dining doesn't seem to entice us anymore. First world problems.

Artichoke Tomato Crusted Loin of Lamb (BTC)

Marinated Pot Roasted Veal Cheek with Dried Fruit Sauce

Bombe Chocolat Poivre

Once we are done with our meals, we were almost reaching New York. Both of us felt that this was the shortest long distance flight ever. We had never felt time passed so fast on a plane before, though the journey took almost 24 hours. Just like the SIA advertisement, the first class experience made us feel that they have lived up to their promise - no detail is too small. The service was impeccable, right from the moment we stepped into Changi Airport, all the way to New York. We will definitely miss this. Till we meet again!

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  1. One word - Niceeeeeeeeeeeee! :P

  2. Thanks for sharing! May I ask how did you all manage to find availability for 2pax to JFK on suites? It is notoriously hard to find for 2pax :P

    1. Hi Jaslyn,

      Yes, you are right. We booked the tickets almost 1 year in advance! I guess that's the easiest way to get confirmation tickets for 2 pax.