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Monday, September 3, 2018

Portfolio - August 2018

Time flies! We just came back from our 2 weeks vacation to New Zealand and there is only about 1 month left to our big day! I guess I will be blogging lesser this month as well in preparation for the big day. We have yet to make our photo album or prepare our script >.<

After doing a 2018 Mid Year Review, I decided to make some changes to my spreadsheet to track/include investment into StashAway too. The one in blue is the StashAway portfolio, green is SGX and the total is in black.

Our portfolio increase by 2.41% to $358,792 - $12,315.89 of capital injection and -$3,877.44 of capital loss.

If you prefer to look at numbers, this is the raw data used to generate the above bar graph.

- None

- Capitaland (1,000 units) @ $3.130
- City Development Limited (1,000 units) @ $9.940
- Lion-Philip S-REIT ETF (1,000 units) @ $1.012

I blogged about Capitaland - An Undervalued Blue Chip? and the price has gone up quite a bit since then.

With Capitaland being the 2nd largest investment in our portfolio, we were looking at other opportunities and decided to buy some CDL. The interesting thing about CDL is that its properties are stated at cost while the others/majority of the developers state them based on the fair value determined by internal valuation or independent professional valuation. As a result, CDL should be trading > PB 1 and it can be deemed as undervalued if it is below its NAV or < PB 1. In addition, CDL has started share buy-back in the last week.

We bought 1,000 units of Lion-Philip S-REIT ETF as part of our new strategy - New Singapore Budget, New REIT Strategy!

The total dividends collected this month is $2,521.23. The breakdown is as follows:

Company Symbol ExDate Shares Total
QAF Ltd Q01 29-Aug-18 3,000 $30.00
Lion-Philip S-REIT ETF CLR 29-Aug-18 9,000 $162.00
APAC Realty Limited CLN 27-Aug-18 12,000 $240.00
Raffles Medical Group Ltd BSL 27-Aug-18 14,000 $70.00
Geo Energy Resources Limited RE4 27-Aug-18 25,000 $250.00
City Developments Ltd C09 23-Aug-18 1,000 $60.00
Wilmar International Ltd F34 20-Aug-18 2,000 $70.00
Singapore Post Ltd S08 15-Aug-18 7,000 $35.00
OUE Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust TS0U 8-Aug-18 8,000 $174.40
Sheng Siong Group Ltd OV8 7-Aug-18 18,000 $297.00
Far East Hospitality Trust Q5T 6-Aug-18 10,156 $102.58
Mapletree North Asia Commercial Trust RW0U 3-Aug-18 5,000 $55.85
Starhill Global Real Estate Investment Trust P40U 2-Aug-18 12,000 $130.80
SPDR STI ETF Units ES3 2-Aug-18 13,000 $780.00
Parkway Life Real Estate Investment Trust C2PU 1-Aug-18 2,000 $63.60

Total dividends collected for 2018: $10,897.38
Average dividends per month for 2018: $1,362.17


Capital: $11,000
Current: $11,419.10 (IRR: 8.8%)

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  1. Welcome back! Still amazed at the capital injection, how is that possible :O
    Good luck with the preparation and blessed marriage.

    1. Hahaha. The month before never buy anything ma. Thank you!!