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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Expenses - October 2018

Hello everyone! It has been a while and we just got back from our honeymoon early this week. There are so many things to blog about our trip (SIA Suite class flight, rented a convertible and almost got into an accident, outlets shopping, etc.) so stay tuned for them! October expenses were crazily high (5 digits!!) which was expected due to the various payment to the vendors for our wedding.

Current Profile: 28 years old male who got married recently and is still living with his parents. Staying separately with his wife while waiting for the BTO project to be completed next year.

You can read more about how we manage our finances here. Removing our shared expenses which come out of our mutual fund (KPO Expense Fund), my expenses for October would be $11,452.38 - ($9,902.83 / 2) = $6,500.97.

The detailed breakdown can be found in this article - Our Wedding Expenses is Within Our Budget!

I previously blogged about my promotion and increment - Salary - You Are Your Best Investment and it was only effective from February so I gave my parents more allowance as well.

Technically, this is not an actual expense because this is part of my company benefits. One can claim up to $500 every 2 years for health screening. Although I did not pay a single cents, this kind of expenses cannot be avoided (yes, it may be lower) and I have witnessed the importance of it.

Attended a wedding dinner one week after ours with CZM at Mandarin Orchard Singapore. Fortunately, we were fine after the dinner (Mandarin Orchard food poisoning). Unfortunately, we are shareholders of OUE -.-"

Bought a bouquet of flower from The Enchanted Tree for my mum's birthday. I love it because it is hassle-free, order their daily pick, write a message for my mum, checkout with DBS Woman's World Card (4 miles per dollar) and it gets delivered to my house!

Book some accommodations for our US trip and the transport cost was from booking the coach to Woodberry outlet from New York City. More details on this soon!

My food expenses are exceptionally low because I stay with my parents! Most of it is incurred when I am out with CZM.

This is a fixed monthly cost for the basic coverage - term life and hospitalization.

I would always pay for CZM's cab ride home during night time since I am too lazy to send her home. That was one of our agreement. lol. EZ Link expenses were much higher this month which was probably due to the wedding preparation, hence we have been commuting a lot more apart from work.

Public transportation seems a lot lower because of 2 reasons:
1. I am no longer using EZ Link Auto-Reload. Account-Based Ticketing (ABT) is a much better choice as you pay what you use instead of triggering top up where the money is stored in the EZ Link card. The best part is miles can be earned too (using UOB PRVI Mastercard)!
2. $0.50 Discount for commuters who enter stations before 7.45am on weekdays.

The $69.97 is the installment for Surface Pro which I got about 2 years back.

Treated family and colleagues to food/drinks.

Watched a movie with CZM and cannot remember what is the other spending.

CZM bought some random stuff from Watson.

CZM and I collect money (notes) from various countries including Singapore. We kept some brand new/running number notes from the red packets we receive on our wedding. Since we are not spending/depositing the money, it only makes sense to expense it.

Bought ToTo, the fastest way to fulfill our millionaire dream.

January 2018 - $2,256.43
February 2018 - $1,759.01
March 2018 - $5,049.79
April 2018 - $1,572.54
May 2018 - $1,863.74
June 2018 - $2,282.07
July 2018 - $2,197.94
August 2018 - $2,130.01
September 2018 - $3,011.75
October 2018 - $6,500.97

Total expenses for 2018: $28,624.25
Average expenses per month for 2018: $2,862.43

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