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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Portfolio - December 2018

Our new year has been pretty exciting when we woke up to news of Cathay First Class bug/glitch and managed to snatch 2 return First Class ticket to Washington (IAD) from Vietnam, Hanoi (HAN) at ~1.4k USD each. Definitely not expecting to fly First Class again but let's see if Cathay will be honouring the fares/tickets.

Our portfolio decrease by -0.87% to $352,744 - $3,368.19 of capital injection and -$6,469.65 of capital gain. The one in blue is the StashAway portfolio, green is SGX and the total is in black.

If you prefer to look at numbers, this is the raw data used to generate the above bar graph. These numbers are as of the last day of the month.

"Cash Flow" is the amount of money being injected/withdrawn from the portfolio (buying stocks = +ve cash flow while selling stocks and collecting dividends = -ve cash flow)


- Lion-Philip S-REIT ETF (1,000 units) @ $0.983
- Geo Energy Resources (16,000 units) @ $0.177

We bought 1,000 units of Lion-Philip S-REIT ETF as part of our new strategy - New Singapore Budget, New REIT Strategy!

The huge fall of Geo Energy has been pretty puzzling. When news of the TBR Coal offtake and equity investment by Macquarie Bank came out, it was definitely a piece of good news. The way I saw it was Macquarie was willing to "buy in" then at a price of $0.29. In addition, they were given free warrant that can be exercised at $0.33 within the next 2 years which meant that there is a possibility that the price will be higher than $0.33. At the price of $0.177 and a DPS of $0.01, its dividend yield is around 5.65%. So when we came back from our honeymoon and I saw the price at $0.177, I simply have to buy some.

The total dividends collected this month is $518.00. The breakdown is as follows:

Company Symbol ExDate Shares Total
Singapore Telecommunications Ltd Z74 18-Dec-18 4,000 $272
Accordia Golf Trust ADQU 3-Dec-18 15,000 $246

Total dividends collected for 2018: $14,140.06
Average dividends per month for 2018: $1,178.33


Capital: $15,000
Current: $14,557.57 (IRR: -6.6%)

On a side note, one can invest in StashAway using SRS and I have already blogged about our plan - New Strategy: StashAway + Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS)

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