$$$ KPO and CZM $$$: Referrals


Referrals are one of the best free things in the world! If you have yet to sign up for any of the services below, signing up with them directly does not give you any additional benefits. However, if you were to sign up through our referral link below, you get additional benefits and so do we :)

Full disclosure on the benefits we will be getting as there is nothing to hide.

1. StocksCafe - The place where we track our investments! It provides various reports, graphs/visualization and makes managing multiple portfolios extremely easy!

Current Price:
- Monthly Plan: SGD 5.5 
- Annual Plan: SGD 45 (SGD 3.75 a month or >30% OFF)
- 3 Years Plan: SGD 115 (SGD 3.19 a month or >40% OFF)

KPO Referral: 3 months trial period (instead of 1 month) for new users.

Benefit: You get an excellent portfolio tracker and I get a follower? lol. If you ever become a "Friend of StocksCafe", I get a 20% commission!

2. Futu's moomoo - The cheapest and most generous broker in the market

3. StashAway - I have been blogging about this robot advisor...

Benefit: You get $10,000 free management fees for 6 months and we will get $16!

4. Endowus - The first robo to let you invest your CPF.

Benefit: You will get S$10,000 managed free for 6 months ($20 equivalent) and we will get $20!

5. Syfe - Robo with a pure REITs portfolio (REIT+).

Benefit: New Syfe customers will have their first $30,000 managed free for 6 months when they use our new referral code (KPOCZM). We will be receiving a $10 cash incentive for our portfolio if you invest $500 or more on your first deposit.

6. BlockFi - Open an interest account with up to 8.6% APY

Benefit: Deposits US$100 or more into your BlockFi Interest Account (BIA), you will earn US$10 in BTC and we will earn US$10 in BTC too.

7. Celsius Network - Earn more with your crypto, up to 17.78% APY

Benefit: Earn US$50 in BTC with your first transfer of US$400 or more and we will earn US$50 in BTC too.

8. CakeDeFi - DeFi accessible to anyone

Benefit: Deposits US$50 or more into your CakeDeFi account, you will earn US$30 in DFI and we will earn US$10 in DFI too.

9. Gemini - 10 free withdrawal per calendar month, hence it is the cheapest way to buy and transfer crypto to other places.

Benefit: We will both receive US$10 of bitcoin after you buy or sell US$100.

10. Crypto.com - An app to buy/sell crypto and earn interest! Refer to our article for more information.

Benefit: Sign up using our link, stake SG$500 worth of CRO and we both get US$25 in CRO

11. Luno - An app to buy/sell crypto and earn interest! Refer to our article for more information.

Benefit: Sign up using our link, deposit, and buy SG$100 worth of BTC (Luno exchange not included) and we both get SG$5.00 worth of BTC

12. ShopBack - Get some cashback simply by "shopping"/clicking through them. Their merchant includes Lazada, Expedia, Cathay, etc.

Benefit: $5 each after you meet a minimum spend of $25 and your cashback turns redeemable!

13. Advance Inspection
You can read this post (Advance Inspection - Residential Inspection) for more information. Do use our referral/promo code - AISG0730. You will be able to get $30 discount and we will get $30 for the referral :) Simply contact them either through mobile/WhatsApp (8748 0988) or email (info@advanceinspection.sg) and quote the code.

14. Klook - Book travel activities/tickets at a cheaper rate! Combine this with ShopBack for additional savings!

Benefit: You get ~$4.40 or HK$25 credit upon signup and I get the same amount of credit after you complete the activity

15. Dropbox - Cloud storage, access your file everywhere on any devices!

Benefit: We get an additional 500 MB each!

If you have something good to share, do leave a comment below :)

Last Updated: 2021-05-03

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