$$$ KPO and CZM $$$: Referrals


Referral is one of the best free things in the world! If you have yet to sign up for any of the services below, signing up with them directly does not give you any additional benefits. However, if you were to sign up through our referral link below, you get additional benefits and so do we :)

Full disclosure on the benefits we will be getting as there is nothing to hide.

1. StocksCafe - The place where we track our investments! It provides various reports, graphs/visualization and makes managing multiple portfolios extremely easy!

Current Price:
- Monthly Plan: SGD 4.9 a month
- Annual Plan: SGD 39 a year (SGD 3.25 a month or >30% OFF)
- 7 Years Plan: SGD 215 for 7 years (SGD 2.56 a month or >45% OFF)

KPO Referral Price:
- Monthly Plan: SGD 3.9 a month (~20% OFF)
- Annual Plan: SGD 35 a year (~SGD 2.90 a month or ~40% OFF)
- 7 Years Plan: SGD 195 for 7 years (~SGD 2.32 a month or ~52% OFF)

Benefit: You get an excellent portfolio tracker and I get a follower? lol. If you ever become a "Friend of StocksCafe", I get a 20% commission!

2. ShopBack - Get some cashback simply by "shopping"/clicking through them. Their merchant includes Lazada, Expedia, Cathay, etc.

Benefit: $5 each after you meet a minimum spend of $25 and your cashback turns redeemable!

3. Degoo - Cloud storage, access your file everywhere on any devices! Did I mention that it is 100 GB free?!

Benefit: We get an additional 3 GB each!

4. Dropbox - Cloud storage, access your file everywhere on any devices!

Benefit: We get an additional 500 MB each!

5. StashAway - I have been blogging about this robot advisor...

Benefit: You get $10,000 free management fees for 6 months and we got you started on your investment journey! Honestly, we are getting nothing!

6. Chope - Are you still calling to make a reservation at the restaurant? How about using the web/app to make reservations and get rewarded with Chope dollars at no additional cost?

Benefit: We get 300 Chope dollars each. 400 Chope dollars = $10 voucher OR 1,200 Chope dollars = 1,000 KrisFlyer miles!

7. Quandoo - This can be used to make a reservation at the restaurant too (Chope direct competitor). If the restaurant is not on Chope, it might be on Quandoo.

Benefit: Earn up to 900 points ($13.50) on your first restaurant reservation with my code - KP2224HGV and I get 500 points ($7.50)

8. soCash - ATM queue is always so long! How about withdrawing at MaMa shop at no additional fee? Unfortunately, this is only for DBS/POSB customers only.

Benefit: We get $3 cash each!

9. Klook - Book travel activities/tickets at a cheaper rate! Combine this with ShopBack for additional savings!

Benefit: You get ~$4.40 or HK$25 credit upon signup and I get the same amount of credit after you complete the activity

If you have something good to share, do leave a comment below :)

Last Updated: 2019-03-30

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