$$$ KPO and CZM $$$: Honeymoon to the United States - Renting a $275,888 Mercedes Benz Convertible with Hertz

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Honeymoon to the United States - Renting a $275,888 Mercedes Benz Convertible with Hertz

CZM favorite car has always been a Mini Cooper (I am guessing she was under the influence of Mr. Bean). She wanted a Mini Cooper as our wedding car but both of us could not bear to part with $450-500 just for a day where we will barely get to use/drive it. In the end, we decided to save the money by not renting any car for our wedding and spend it on our honeymoon instead. However, after the wedding, we realized that Mini Cooper was not available for rental (most probably due to the location?). Not to mention, we will probably never get a car in Singapore. Hence, we decided to let it go and splurge slightly. That is how we ended up renting a convertible for our honeymoon.

Things we did before making the reservation:
- Sign up with National Car Rental and got free Emerald Club Executive membership using the Visa Infinite referral link (looks like there is a better link to get Executive Elite membership using the Amex link instead - MyMoneyBlog - Free National Emerald Club Executive ELITE Upgrade Sign-Up Link)
- Did a status match to Five Star with Hertz on their Gold Plus Rewards by sending them an email at hertzstatusmatch@hertz.com
- Tried to use Krisflyer Spree (ShopBack equivalent - unfortunately, Hertz was not on ShopBack) to accumulate more miles/get more value back but could never reach the final booking/confirmation page. I gave up eventually but do give it a try if you are booking Hertz in the future
- Book Hertz using the Partner Offers - Worldwide: Up to 2,000 KrisFlyer Miles and 20% Off (CDP# 1076431 & PC# 204820)

This was the car we booked - Ford Mustang Convertible at US$1,374.71 (~S$1,924.59 @ 1.40) for 11 days (~S$175 per day).

According to SGCarMart.com, the Ford Mustang Convertible (25 miles/gallon) cost S$222,000! At this price, one can even buy HDB!

Things we did over the counter:
- We "upgraded" the car insurance because the lady mis-sold and told us that we are only covered if other cars hit us. If we were to hit another car, we will be liable for the damages. We only realized that we have been cheated after we returned and reviewed the receipt below! Do take note that there is nothing more to upgrade if you already have Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) as it states that one will not be held responsible for damage to the Hertz car in the event that any damage should occur, provided the loss or damage was not the result of any prohibited use of the car. Premium Emergency Roadside Service provides a bunch of services that are pretty unnecessary, something we definitely would not have paid for. I have emailed them and is in the midst of disputing that charge.

After signing a few documents, she told us that we will be getting a complimentary upgrade to a Mercedes Benz C300 Convertible (not so complimentary after all). lol. Thinking back, not sure if it was due to our Five Star status or it was because we "upgraded" the insurance. The total charges of US$1,482.01 were paid using BOC Elite Miles (earning 5 mpd!) which came up to S$2,082.37 for 11 days (~S$189 per day). On a side note, we drove 1,756 miles (~2,826 km) which is equivalent to driving in Singapore from east to west and vice versa 56 times (assuming the distance is 50 km).

According to SGCarMart.com, the Mercedes Benz C300 Convertible cost S$275,888! What an auspicious price! It was the nicest car we have ever drove but will we ever pay that price to buy a car? Nah.

That's me. KPO in his not so complimentary upgraded convertible

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