$$$ KPO and CZM $$$: Our Goals

Our Goals

We will update as and when we think of more or have met the goal:

Short Term (Next 1 - 2 Years: Before 2018)
- $200,000 Portfolio (Done - Feb 2017)
- $1000 per month of passive income (Done - Portfolio - October 2018)
- Wedding (Big Day on 07/10/2018) - Our Wedding Expenses is Within Our Budget!
- Fly Suites Class to US Using Krisflyer Miles (Done - Nov 2017)

Medium Term (3 - 5 Years: Before 2021)
- Move into our new house!
- $500,000 Portfolio
- $2000 per month of passive income
- S$1 Million Net Worth

Long Term (> 5 Years)
- $1,000,000 Portfolio
- $5000 per month of passive income
- Hit CPF Minimum Sum
- Pay off mortgage
- 2nd property?

Last Updated: 2018-12-16


  1. Wow... Just curious how old are u guys?

    I see u guys just got married so mid twenties to late twenties and already 200k in portfolio?

    And within 3-5 years 500k portfolio? Is it because you guys are earning decently as it seems that barring any capital gains, u guys are pumping in 100k per year on average .

    1. Hi Sean, we are 27 and not married yet. lol. The journey started back in 2014 when I was still in university ($40k) through savings, NS allowance, part-time. I am called Kiam Pok for a reason ;) Along the way, made some money through both capital gain and dividends and reinvested all of them.

      After university, I was fortunate to find a job that pays higher than the median salary of a fresh graduate and CZM had already worked 2 years because I had to serve the nation. Unfortunately, I inherited a sum of money last year when my grandfather passed away which I invested all of it into the market too.

      I feel right now (for us) is the time to be more aggressive because we do not have much financial commitments/responsibilities such as mortgage, baby, etc. We would not have any cash flow difficulty. Hence, majority of our wealth is in the market. If you stand behind and peep at the screen for my account balance while I withdraw money from the ATM, you will see that KPO is very poor :'(

      Everyone have different situation and start their journey differently. I think what is important is realizing the importance of managing your finances, letting your money work for you and having long term goal in mind (the fact that you are reading various financial blogs show that you already know this, so jia you and good luck in your journey!). The bonus is finding someone to share the same goal with you (like CZM)!

      Oh my, this response looks like it is long enough to be a post!

  2. Just read about us. Any insights on how to achieve a 200k portfolio in 2 years? Mind sharing how it all started?

  3. Congrats on having so much in your portfolio.

    My portfolio pales by comparison.

    See mine at https://my-radical-thoughts.blogspot.com/

    1. Hi Alucard,

      Thanks for dropping by! You are so humble! Majority of our money is in the market and we are extremely low on cash. Hahahaha.

  4. Amazing blog with amazing posts, we are actually the same age with many similarities.

    If you have time, might be good to design this website, it looks a bit opiang :) Just my two cents complaint.

    1. Hi KY,

      Thanks! Good to know/find people with similarities.

      Hahahaha. I agree that it is opiang but I am lazy/prefer to spend my time on other stuffs >.< Maybe after wedding? lol.

  5. Hey i came across ur blog after going through the burrow by DBS. i find ur blog quite informative and we had similar goals in mind and also not to mention getting married this year as well just 1 week later after you HAHA

    1. Hi Neo Kah Wei,

      Glad that you find it useful :) Congrats on your wedding in advance. Is 14/10 the birthday of your other half too? Hahahaha.

  6. Hi KPO/CZM,

    I am a very envious fellow blogger who is 2-3 years older than you guys. If you are fine, will be nice to exchange blog links.


    And how did you guys managed to save so much at a age of 27?
    As a near 30 yo, I am only reaching the 100k mark ,including CPF :(

    1. Hi Frowns88,

      Nothing to be envious of! Everyone is in a different situation/environment. 100k at age 30 is pretty decent too, I am sure there are people out there who would be envious of you too! At the end of the day, the journey we walked may be different but the goal is the same (retirement) :)

      I guess CZM and I were quite fortunate to get decent paying jobs (we can no longer apply for BTO/EC, heng ah!) and we are big time savers.

      No problem at all! I have added your blog to the list -->

    2. Very kind of you. Indeed, we are all working towards the same direction.

      Have added your site as well!

  7. Enjoy reading your blog. I am few years older than you. Have tracking similar way in private excel. I have now Pay off my house in 6 years and setting aside fund for kid education. Want to build similar passive income stream like you do. Nice sharing

    1. Wow! Paid off your house in 6 years?! That's very impressive!

      Sounds good, plan way way ahead. I am really glad that my parents had saved up for my university too. Graduating without debt definitely gave us a head start as compared to some of our peers.

      Let's work hard and grow our passive income!

  8. if you don't mind me asking but on what platform do you buy and sell your stocks?

    1. Hi financial prayers,

      Not at all. We are using Standard Chartered Online Trading for majority of the stocks. A very small portion are in CDP/Vickers due to IPO and private placement.