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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Portfolio - September 2020

Baby Ong is 31 weeks old and her weight is ~1.6kg! Look at how cute she is, sucking her thumb already? Next week, we will be able to apply for the baby bonus and open a CDA account for her. Wondering how much is the "pandemic baby bonus" and if we will be eligible. lol. Anyway, a lot happened last month so let's dive right into our portfolio update.

Our portfolio has reached another new high! It increased by 7.77% to $566,705 - $43,372.32 of capital injection and $2,523.54 of capital loss. This includes $44,224 of leverage/debt (gearing ~8.5%).

If you prefer to look at numbers, this is the raw data used to generate the above bar graph. These numbers are as of the last day of the month.

"Cash Flow" is the amount of money being injected/withdrawn from the portfolio (buying stocks = +ve cash flow while selling stocks and collecting dividends = -ve cash flow)


- STI ETF (2,000 units) @ $2.524 and $2.511
- Starhill Global REIT (10,000 units) @ $0.45
- Capitaland (2,000 units) @ $2.74 and $2.66
- Capitaland China Retail Trust (6,000 units) @ $1.14
- Capitaland Mall Trust (8,000 units) @ $1.95
- Capitaland Commercial Trust (500 units) @ $1.68
- IREIT Global (100 units) @ $0.695
- iShares Hang Seng Tech ETF (300 units) @ HK$15.30
- IWDA (12 units) @ US$63.80

STI ETF, Starhill Global REIT, Capitaland, Capitaland China Retail Trust, and Capitaland Mall Trust are all existing holding and we just decided to continue to invest and average down them. I bought another 500 units of Capitaland Commercial Trust so that after the merger, I will not end up with odd lots for Capitaland Mall Trust.

IREIT Global is a new addition to our portfolio but why only 100 units? This is something I have always wanted to test out and my last attempt was a failure - Mistake on Rights Issue - CapitaLand Commercial Trust. The plan is to own the mother share before XR so that I will be entitled to the rights issue. With the allocated rights issue, I will then proceed to oversubscribe. Whatever that is allocated in from my oversubscription will be an instant profit. Again, I can do this because there's no minimum commission.

I was allocated 45 rights and went to buy another 55 rights from the market so that I will not end up with any odd lots. Proceed to exercise all my rights (100 units) and oversubscribe by 9,900 units. lol.

Another interesting new addition to our portfolio is the iShares Hang Seng Tech ETF (3067). There are a couple of ETFs that is tracking the Hang Seng Tech Index and we chose iShares simply because it has the lowest fee/expense ratio. Shall blog more about this separately if I have the time. 

I have "force" myself to buy $1,000 SGD worth of IWDA. We have decided to set some rules for the monthly IWDA investment:
- Current average price: $58.977
- If the market price is above our average price, buy $1,000
- If the market price is below our average price, buy $2,000
- Must buy by last trading day of the month

As an introduction, IWDA (iShares Core MSCI World UCITS ETF) is an accumulating (does not distribute dividends) world ETF managed passively by iShares. This has multiple purposes:
1. Capital Growth - Determine if simply buying a diversified world ETF will outperform StashAway/Endowus
2. Leverage Collateral - It has 70% LTV which will increase eventually increase our ability to borrow more or prevent a margin call

Anyway, IWDA is highly recommended by ShinyThings from HWZ. You can refer to this summarized version here.

On a side note, we can invest in such a small amount because there's no minimum commission for SCB priority customers which makes our investment very cost-effective.

I have also decided to increase my SRS contribution to $1,480 per month with the intention of maxing it by year-end.

Our Monthly DCA for August - $4,230
$1,000 Cash - StashAway Risk Index 22%
$740  KPO's SRS - StashAway Risk Index 36%
$250 CZM's SRS - StashAway Risk Index 14%
$740 KPO's SRS - Endowus Loss Tolerance -60%
$1,000 Cash - Syfe REIT+ (100% REIT)
$500 Cash - Syfe Equity100 (100% Equities)

The total dividends collected this month is $2,451.76. The breakdown is as follows:

Keppel DC REIT1-Sep-205001.14       $218.80
Parkway Life Real Estate Investment Trust2-Sep-202011.26$67.57
Accordia Golf Trust8-Sep-2015000$168.00
Mapletree Logistics Trust 11-Sep-20166.31$3.40
Far East Hospitality Trust 14-Sep-2010316$106.25
Raffles Medical Group Ltd16-Sep-2020000$400.00
AIMS APAC REIT17-Sep-201629.86$32.59
ESR REIT17-Sep-2091.14$0.60
First Real Estate Investment Trust25-Sep-2011038.68$48.57
Cromwell European Real Estate Investment Trust28-Sep-2038000$1072.54
CapitaLand Retail China Trust28-Sep-2011041.1$333.44
Total dividends collected for 2020: $16,599.13
Average dividends per month for 2020: $1,844.34




Capital: $41,180‬.00
Current: $‭‭‭‭47,850.15

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Capital: $8,930.00
Current: $9,124.00

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Capital: $6,700.00
Current: $‭‭‭8,052.62

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  1. hi kpo, interestingly you mentioned 3067. which platform are you using to buy?
    i was researching into its USD eqv - 9067. unfortunately, is not avail on IB.

    btw, why only excess 9900? should go big, or go home. haha..
    whack 99900 la. haha.. might only get 1% of allocation

    1. hi foolish chameleon,

      I'm using SCB and I can see 9067. Same same just different currency.

      That's the biggest I can go. Bank account now less than 5k. I'm living paycheck to paycheck. lol.

    2. yea, same same but different =)
      just didnt want to get exposure to another currency. hence 9067.

      your paycheck to paycheck is a farce. haha..

    3. how much is your commission fees for 3067 for that 300shares? thats on SCB-priority right?

    4. It's 7.72 HKD or ~1.36 SGD. Yes, SCB priority.

    5. Yeah and I can leverage further with it. lol. Anyway, small small amount SCB cheaper but once it becomes bigger, SCB commission will be more expensive than other brokerages.

  2. Hi KPO, what leverage are you using? Margin Account?

    1. hi 1MS-REITs,

      It's not a margin account. More like an overdraft account. It's called SCB Secured Wealth Lending. I blogged about it here - https://kpo-and-czm.blogspot.com/2018/03/leverage-double-edged-sword.html