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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Portfolio - September 2018

This update is way overdue! We were too busy with our wedding (I probably sound like a broken recorder) and didn't really had the mood to do any other thing. Now that it is over, I am back in action :) In total, we spent about $6.5k on our wedding which was within our budget. You can read this article for more information on the breakdown of our expenses - Our Wedding Expenses is Within Our Budget!

On 11th Oct 2018 (last Thursday), the market went all red and our portfolio lost $9k in a day! If we were to include the losses before 11th, it would easily add up to > $10k. Compare that to our wedding expenses, I would say the money spent on our wedding was well spent! With all the money sitting in the bank from the wedding banquet, I cannot help but bought a few stocks (averaging down Accordia Golf Trust, OUE and Thai Beverage) on that day too.

Our portfolio decrease by 1.19% to $354,522 - $3,948.29 of capital withdrawal and $321.96 of capital loss. The one in blue is the StashAway portfolio, green is SGX and the total is in black.

If you prefer to look at numbers, this is the raw data used to generate the above bar graph. These numbers are as of the last day of the month.

- OUE Commercial REITs (8,000 units) @ $0.605

I blogged about it here - OUE Commercial REIT Rights Issue - Very Very Very Bad Deal. While writing this article, it just suddenly occurred to me that I should not have sold all of them! In the past, I learnt how owning the rights only does not allow one to apply in excess - Mistake on Rights Issue - CapitaLand Commercial Trust. Hence, I should have sold 7,900 units fo shares and keep the 100 units. Once I have been given 83 rights, I should proceed to exercise them and applied in excess! That would have been the best of both worlds (preserving my capital and entering at a lower entry) which is something I always wanted to test out. Having said that, I can do that (buying and selling just 100 units) because I do not have any minimum commission. Oh well, it is too late now, shall give this a try next time.

- Lion-Philip S-REIT ETF (1,000 units) @ $0.98

We bought 1,000 units of Lion-Philip S-REIT ETF as part of our new strategy - New Singapore Budget, New REIT Strategy!

The total dividends collected this month is $100.00. The breakdown is as follows:

OUE LtdLJ313-Sep-1810,000$100.00

Total dividends collected for 2018: $10,997.38
Average dividends per month for 2018: $1,221.93


Capital: $12,000
Current: $11,845.18 (IRR: -2.9%)

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