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Thursday, November 4, 2021

Portfolio - October 2021

Last month has been more challenging because Baby Ong is sleeping lesser and later now which I blogged about here - StashAway - September 2021. She is more clingy, wants our attention, becoming smarter and most importantly growing up healthily. Previously, we could leave her in the playpen/jumper while we proceed with our own activities (having lunch/dinner, using laptop, etc.). Nowadays, she is willing to enter the playpen only if one of us is inside as well and refuses to go into the jumper. Besides that, she is now aware of the danger of heights and will always turn and lower her legs first when coming down from the bed/sofa as well as slide. lol.

Anyway, our portfolio reaches another new high! It increased by 16.22% to $1,452,947 - $9,515.58 of capital injection and $193,217.72 of capital gain. This includes $200,693 of leverage/debt (gearing/debt ~16.03%).

If you prefer to look at numbers, this is the raw data used to generate the above bar graph. These numbers are as of the last day of the month.

"Cash Flow" is the amount of money being injected/withdrawn from the portfolio (buying stocks = +ve cash flow while selling stocks and collecting dividends = -ve cash flow)

- Chip Eng Seng (8,000 units) @ $0.435
- Far East Hospitality Trust (10,300 units) @ $0.635

Similar reasons as my previous sell transactions, these stocks can't be pledged as collateral so I decided to sell them because I wanted more capital to buy more crypto/LUNA. 

In my opinion, Chip Eng Seng should not have diversified to the education business. It doesn't make sense because there is no synergy between them. After holding for about 5 years, the simple percentage return is -1.99% and the annualized return is -0.41%.

Far East Hospitality is one of the REITs that were trading below NAV and had a higher dividend yield. Definitely would have kept it if I did not venture into crypto. Regardless, after holding for about 5 years, the simple percentage return is 34.51% and the annualized return is 5.73%.

- None

Did not buy stocks or deploy any leverage but bought more LUNA because the next catalyst is the burning of LUNA from the community pool to bootstrap Ozone (insurance) - Burn Pre-Col5 Community Pool. After that burn, LUNA total supply will decrease by ~10% and the UST market cap will increase by about 3-4 billion. In addition, the burn will increase staking returns by x5 bringing the staking yield to double-digit for the next 2 years. I will let you research and determine what it all means for the price of LUNA :) 

Anyway, the idea of using leverage is simple, borrow the money, buy a good/excellent REIT/stock, use the dividends to pay the interests, and keep the difference while ensuring that we will never get a margin call/trigger. Once again, leverage has its risk and is definitely not for everyone. We see it as our way of buying a second property without incurring any of those taxes (ABSD, rental income tax, etc.). You can take a look at this - Leverage Performance 2020.

Given that it is a brand new year, I have adjusted my SRS contribution to $1,276 per month with the intention of maxing it by year-end. We have also decided to open another StashAway portfolio for Baby Ong. You can read about Our Insurance and Investment Plan for Baby Ong.

Our Monthly DCA for October - $1,376
$100 Cash for Baby Ong - StashAway Risk Index 36%
$638  KPO's SRS - StashAway Risk Index 36%
$638 KPO's SRS - Endowus Loss Tolerance -60%

The total dividends collected this month is $208.97The breakdown is as follows:

Company                     PayDate         Shares Total
Ping An Insurance    25-Oct-21         500         HKD 475.56 (~S$82.51)
Keppel DC REIT     20-Oct-21         8,900 $126.46

Total dividends collected for 2021: $24,803.71
Average dividends per month for 2021: $2,480.37




Capital: $24,434.39
Current: $‭‭‭‭27,072.58

If you are interested in StashAway, do use our referral link. You get $10,000 free management fees for 6 months and we will get $16!

If you want to extract those transactions information from StashAway, do take a look at this article - StashAway Transactions Parser.


Capital: $27,528.00
Current: $32,975.54

I decided to invest my CPF OA a few months back and blog about it here - Investing CPF OA Through Endowus.

If you are interested in Endowus, do use our referral link for our readers! You will get S$10,000 managed free for 6 months ($20 equivalent) and we will get $20 too! This access fee has no expiry date.

Tracking crypto investment becomes very painful when the number of coins increases or when I move across to different networks. Hence, to simplify the tracking, I will just be tracking the capital I put in vs the current value at the end of the month.

Capital: SG$181,623.50 + US$3,130.32 (leverage) ~ SG$185,848.18
Current: SG$‭‭‭491,181.14 + US$3,130.32 (leverage) ~ SG$495,405.82

If you prefer a pie chart. 

Crypto - FTX

I am holding some RUNE on FTX. Initially wanted to try out providing liquidity on Thorchain because of the unique ILP (Impermanent Loss Protection) but got lazy to deep dive further because the set-up was troublesome (new wallet, upgrade BEP2 RUNE to native RUNE, etc.).

Crypto - CakeDeFi

Sitting on a decent profit with the majority of my DFI in the freezer until Dec. The initial plan was to try this for a year but have decided to move the fund here to Terra/LUNA once the DFI are out of the freezer because I have more faith in that performing well but have decided to make my first withdrawal into Kucoin to buy Kadena (KDA) which I will elaborate further later. In my opinion, CakeDeFi is still a good starting place for someone that is planning to try out DeFi/getting high yields in crypto without worrying about any rug and exploit.

CakeDeFi - Deposits US$50 or more into your CakeDeFi account, you will earn US$30 in DFI and we will earn US$10 in DFI too.

Crypto - Kucoin

Kucoin was supposed to be the replacement to buy LUNA after the Binance ban but they do not accept fiat deposit via wire. The conversion for USD to USDT in FTX has a spread/fee that makes it not ideal to wire into FTX and withdraw USDT to Kucoin. A reader suggested buying LUNA (ER20 token) on Gemini and withdraw (free) it out to Kucoin before withdrawing to Terra network. This seems to be the most cost effective way but I have yet to try it.

I decided to make my first withdrawal of DFI to Kucoin because I could not get USDT on it. Initially sold the DFI and bought LUNA but eventually decided to sell LUNA to buy Kadena (KDA) instead after a few Twitter Terra influencers (who bought LUNA when it was below a dollar) started shilling it. Kadena is unique/different in the sense that it is a scalable PoW network which is highly efficient, capable of processing even more transactions than Solana. It is ironic because the latest/newest networks and even Etheruem are on/moving to a PoS network because it is supposedly better. In addition, PoW token has selling pressure from the miners and do not has yield unlike PoS token. At the moment, it isn't really proven tech and I will keep the allocation to KDA small because of the lack of convinction.

Crypto - Celsius Network

I still have a bit of BTC and Celsius token which I accumulated previously while earning high interest using GUSD. No plans on moving them at the moment.

Celsius Network: Earn US$50 in BTC with your first transfer of US$400 or more and we will earn US$50 in BTC too.

Crypto DeFi - Harmony ONE



I exited and moved almost all of my investment from the other chains/networks into Terra except these that are being locked/vested till around Christmas this year. Similarly, the plan is to move them to Terra once they are unlocked.

Crypto DeFi - Terra

I blogged about it previously - DeFi - Terra (LUNA & UST) & Anchor Protocol (20% Interest) and DeFi - Terra Mirror Protocol Delta-Neutral Strategies. I have moved most of my crypto money into Terra including CZM's initial investment because this is my high conviction crypto pick. lol. In my opinion, LUNA can easily go to 3 digits because it is based on the demand for UST which will only increase as time goes by where more projects are being launched (it is happening right now!), UST going cross chains, and getting listed on more exchanges. We have about 5.2k LUNA now with 48% of them staked, 21% as bLUNA, 30% in LUNA-bLUNA LP and the remaining in the wallet/exchange. We will become a crypto millionaire once LUNA reaches ~$192 :)

On a side note, Ape Board is not capturing the Psi tokens I got from Pylon Swap which is worth around US$47k as well as the bETH deposited into Nexus Vault (at the time of writing). The actual total portfolio in Terra is ~US$342k.

Regardless, you can refer to our Terra portfolio on Ape Board below for a more detailed breakdown:

Just for fun for those that are on Terra already, you can check out your degen score here. I would say mine is pretty high except that I do not hodl MIR airdrop tokens hence the missing 3 points.

Anyway, I have blogged about different ways to leverage crypto to build wealth for people with different risk appetites:

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BlockFi: Deposits US$100 or more into your BlockFi Interest Account (BIA), you will earn US$10 in BTC and we will earn US$10 in BTC too.
Celsius Network: Earn US$50 in BTC with your first transfer of US$400 or more and we will earn US$50 in BTC too.
CakeDeFi - Deposits US$50 or more into your CakeDeFi account, you will earn US$30 in DFI and we will earn US$10 in DFI too.
Gemini: We will both receive US$10 of bitcoin after you buy or sell US$100.
Crypto.com: Sign up using our link, stake SG$500 worth of CRO and we both get US$25 in CRO
FTX: We will receive 25.00% of your trading fees and you will receive a 5.00% fee discount on all of your trades.

If you are interested in the smart portfolio tracker (StocksCafe) which I am using as shown above, sign up using my link for a longer trial period :) Refer to our Referrals page for more information.

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  1. Hello KPO&CZM,

    I recently opened the wealth lending settlement account with SC.

    May I check with you, how do you go about in pledging your existing stocks/cash and start leveraging?

    1. Hi mouse,

      To pledge the stocks, you need to move them into the lien account which you can do it yourself from the SCB trading app. Click around the top right corner for some share transfer form.

      To start leveraging, you will need to have an overdraft account with balance/credit in the account for you to withdraw. This one will need your RM to set up for you. Hope this clarifies! Best to just consult your RM!