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Monday, July 5, 2021

Portfolio - June 2021

June has been pretty eventful. We went on a Shangri-La Garden Wing Staycation With Baby Ong and I decided not to procrastinate any further by Investing my CPF OA Through Endowus. We recently heard Baby Ong calling "Papa" and "Mama". Although it was probably random babbling and the words have no meaning to her, it felt so nice! We also started having thoughts of selling our HDB once it reaches MOP (another 3 years!) in order to buy another one that is within 1km of a good primary school for Baby Ong as well as whether to decouple for multiple properties. Unfortunately, all these might mean delaying FIRE but I guess these are the things parents are willing to do for their children.

Anyway, our portfolio reaches another new high! It increased by 3.71% to $988,215 - $17,819.43 of capital injection and $17,556.51 of capital gain. This includes $184,663 of leverage/debt (gearing/debt ~22.98%).

If you prefer to look at numbers, this is the raw data used to generate the above bar graph. These numbers are as of the last day of the month.

"Cash Flow" is the amount of money being injected/withdrawn from the portfolio (buying stocks = +ve cash flow while selling stocks and collecting dividends = -ve cash flow)

- None

- Keppel DC REIT (4,000 units) @ $2.57
- Mapletree Industrial Trust (1,600 units) @ $2.64
- Tuan Sing (483 units) @ $0.37267

We decided to buy more Keppel DC REIT because it seems to be the only REIT with a falling price while the rest are recovering. As much as possible, we do not really time the market and would try to invest on a monthly basis and we would just go for the most "value" purchase. Fundamentally, I do not believe anything has changed for Keppel DC REIT, looking at its latest quarterly results, DPU is still increasing. I guess people are realizing $3 and 2% yield was extremely overvalued? lol. 

Mapletree Industrial Trust had a rights issue recently which we oversubscribed for it and was allocated 1,600 units. The rights issue were funded using leverage (easier to track given the original shares were purchased using leverage).

As for Tuan Sing, I opted for shares instead of cash for its recent dividends. I blogged about it back in 2018. In my opinion, it is still quite undervalued despite the recent increase in price. Its recent divestment were all at a premium to the book value which shows how conservative its NAV is. Having said that, I am tempted to realize the 50%+ profit I am sitting on because unfortunately, the share has no LTV for me to increase my leverage ability.

Anyway, the idea of using leverage is simple, borrow the money, buy a good/excellent REIT/stock, use the dividends to pay the interests, and keep the difference while ensuring that we will never get a margin call/trigger. Once again, leverage has its risk and is definitely not for everyone. We see it as our way of buying a second property without incurring any of those taxes (ABSD, rental income tax, etc.). You can take a look at this - Leverage Performance 2020.

On a side note, I gave up on buying IWDA already. Instead, the monthly allocated capital together with that of Syfe will be deployed to Crypto DeFi farming instead. Yes, I have successfully persuaded CZM to let me do that (although she was very reluctant) by betting my chance to FIRE on it. End of the day, if this plan fails and I lose it all, what's the worst that can happen? I FIRE at 50 instead of 40 lor. I shall elaborate more on why I see so much potential below.  

Given that it is a brand new year, I have adjusted my SRS contribution to $1,276 per month with the intention of maxing it by year-end. We have also decided to open another StashAway portfolio for Baby Ong. You can read about Our Insurance and Investment Plan for Baby Ong.

Our Monthly DCA for June - $4,876
$1,500 Cash for Ourselves - StashAway Risk Index 22%
$100 Cash for Baby Ong - StashAway Risk Index 36%
$638  KPO's SRS - StashAway Risk Index 36%
$638 KPO's SRS - Endowus Loss Tolerance -60%
$2,000 Cash - Crypto ($1k BTC and $1k ETH)

The total dividends collected this month is $4,581.91The breakdown is as follows:

Company                                         PayDate         Shares Total
Bank Of China Ltd                                 30-Jun-21 30,000 HKD 6,416.38 (~S$1,114)
Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp Ltd 29-Jun-21 919         $146.12 
Frasers Hospitality Trust                 29-Jun-21 4,000 $7.16 
Mapletree Industrial Trust                 28-Jun-21 8,000 $176.80 
First Real Estate Investment Trust         28-Jun-21 9         $0.05 
DBS Group Holdings Ltd                 25-Jun-21 900         $162.00 
Tuan Sing Holdings Ltd                         25-Jun-21 30,000 $180.00 
AIMS APAC REIT                                 24-Jun-21 1,600 $46.40 
Mapletree NAC Trust                         21-Jun-21 10,335 $340.95 
Frasers Logistics & Commercial Trust 18-Jun-21 24,297 $923.28 
Thai Beverage PLC                         14-Jun-21 20,000 $114.57 
Mapletree Logistics Trust                 10-Jun-21 8,000 $172.88 
NetLink NBN Trust                         9-Jun-21         6,000 $153.00 
Ascendas Real Estate Investment Trust 9-Jun-21         3,000 $168.90 
Mapletree Industrial Trust                 8-Jun-21         8,000 $264.00 
Mapletree Commercial Trust                 4-Jun-21         11,500 $611.80 

Total dividends collected for 2021: $14,891.14
Average dividends per month for 2021: $2,481.85




Capital: $60,478.00
Current: $‭‭‭‭73,192.87

If you are interested in StashAway, do use our referral link. You get $10,000 free management fees for 6 months and we will get $16!

If you want to extract those transactions information from StashAway, do take a look at this article - StashAway Transactions Parser.


Capital: $24,976.00
Current: $28,827.38

I decided to invest my CPF OA last month and blog about it here - Investing CPF OA Through Endowus.

If you are interested in Endowus, do use our referral link for our readers! You will get S$10,000 managed free for 6 months ($20 equivalent) and we will get $20 too! This access fee has no expiry date.

Tracking crypto investment becomes very painful when the number of coins increases as well as when I move across to different networks. Hence, to simplify the tracking, I will just be tracking the capital I put in vs the current value at the end of the month.

Capital: SG$37,272.24 + US$40,000 ~ SG$91,209.84
Current: SG$‭‭‭39,280.96 + US$40,000 ~ SG$93,218.56

If you prefer a pie chart. 

Crypto - BlockFi

BlockFi has reduced the interest for BTC to 4% now. Hence, I am planning to move my BTC out to either Polygon or Fantom for higher yield.

BlockFi: Deposits US$100 or more into your BlockFi Interest Account (BIA), you will earn US$10 in BTC and we will earn US$10 in BTC too.

Crypto - Celsius Network

Celsius Network recently launched a web app which is so much more convenient now (at least to me). Unfortunately, Celsius has decreased the interest for GUSD to 8.88% (didn't know ang mo also will choose such a huat number. lol) while CEL is earning 4.86%. I was given some BTC from referrals which I will be transferring out as well for higher interest. Thanks for using our link!

Celsius Network: Earn US$40 in BTC with your first transfer of US$400 or more and we will earn US$40 in BTC too.

Crypto - Binance

I have moved 1,000 ADA to BSC to do leverage farming using Alpaca Finance. Most of the ADA is still with Binance and staked for a 7.79% yield.

Crypto - CakeDeFi

I am currently losing a few cents on CakeDeFi which is expected after the crypto market crashed. For this portfolio to perform well, it relies heavily on the price of BTC and DFI. Even if the prices remain as it is now, it will likely be in profit again given the high yield. On a side note, I decided to freeze all of my DFI for 6 months because they were having an anniversary freezer promotion where one get 5% bonus top up.

CakeDeFi - Deposits US$50 or more into your CakeDeFi account, you will earn US$30 in DFI and we will earn US$10 in DFI too.

Crypto DeFi - Binance Smart Chain

Unfortunately, I lost even more money last month when one of my position got liquidated. After finally accumulating 100 CAKE, I moved them to from Beefy to Alpaca for leverage farming to increase the yield. I entered when CAKE price was around US$17+ and calculated that I will be liquidated at US$11 which I thought was unlikely to happen. Well, the crash happened, sent CAKE price briefly below US$11 and I got liquidated and got back only ~US$495.

I injected another US$500 and with my remaining US$496, I whacked some of the highest yield and most risky farm in an attempt to recover my lost. That was also when I decided to send 1,000 ADA to leverage farm for higher yield as well as compared to 7% yield from locked staking.

Current farm

The compensation plan by PancakeBunny isn't working/effective because their TVL has been dropping like crazy since the last exploit - DeFi - Risks and Dangers (I Lost 97% Overnight). Despite that, they came up with another plan which is the MND Vault that allows holders of the token to get a share of the profits from their other launches/projects. I have dumped my remaining BUNNY to be swapped with MND at a 1.5x rate for the first week. Not too hopeful given that majority of my capital is already gone so I will take whatever they can give/compensate.

Crypto DeFi - Polygon

The majority of our crypto portfolio is in the form of stablecoin deposited in Curve to farm MATIC and CRV. It was a huge disappointment as both the yield of Aave and Curve have dropped drastically. 

However, just as I was about to explore other alternative such as Terra, Curve added more incentives and brought the yield higher slightly. Shall continue to observe before moving the money around. On a side note, I bought a Ledger and have moved the majority of our funds over, hence the different wallet addresses.

CZM's first crypto investment of SG$3k was put into a QUICK-MATIC LP and will be auto-compounded using Adamant Finance. Had I not put her LP on Adamant, she will probably be in a losing position but after including the ADDY token, she came up at a slight profit.

I had to LP some of my ETH with AAVE as the yield is too pathetic on Aave. There were a few projects from the Ethereum network that came to Polygon (Balancer, Pickle and Impermax) and I put some money into them.

As for the rest of the MATIC, they are deposited into Qi Dao/Mai as collateral while I borrow MAI (stablecoin) to purchase QI as well as to farm at Balancer for higher yield.

Crypto DeFi - Fantom

I blogged about my experience here - DeFi - Harmony ONE and Fantom. Out of all the networks, I am losing the most money here even after being exploited and liquidated at BSC. Similarly, I started with a capital of SG$5k, lost more than half when I entered FTM at its high (~US$0.90+) and recently just injected another SG$1k to average down/"save" whatever remaining farms/LP (FTM ~US$0.35). Guess what, FTM price is around US$0.20+ @_@" Previously I was farming on SpookySwap, SpiritSwap, and Waka Finance separately but I have moved them to Reaper and Beefy Farms for auto-compounding.

Crypto DeFi - Harmony ONE

Viper is one of my farms with the highest return. The only con is 95% of the yield are locked.

I blogged about LootSwap last month and entered when the LOOT token was about US$1+. Due to a series of events/drama (founder dumping token to secure funds to hire developer, etc.), the token price is now at US$0.10+. Despite that, I am still sitting on a profit due to its crazy high yield from the increase emission for the first few weeks. Similarly, 95% of the yield are locked.

Crypto DeFi - Avalanche

I decided to try out Penguin Finance in Avalanche because I came across an article/tweet on their upcoming airdrop. I purchased SG$500 worth of AVAX in Binance and sent it to my wallet in Avalanche. I then realized it was quite troublesome where I got to bridge between different network within Avalanche to get it to my Metamask address. In my opinion, that's not very user friendly for someone new to crypto. Anyway, most of the AVAX are then converted to PERI and staked in the nest. The airdrop happened on the last day of the month and I got ~10% more PERI. Decent profit (close to 100%) for now.

Anyway, I have blogged about different ways to leverage crypto to build wealth for people with different risk appetites:

If you are interested in the platform I am using, do sign up using our referral links for some bonus :)
BlockFi: Deposits US$100 or more into your BlockFi Interest Account (BIA), you will earn US$10 in BTC and we will earn US$10 in BTC too.
Celsius Network: Earn US$40 in BTC with your first transfer of US$400 or more and we will earn US$40 in BTC too.
CakeDeFi - Deposits US$50 or more into your CakeDeFi account, you will earn US$30 in DFI and we will earn US$10 in DFI too.
Gemini: We will both receive US$10 of bitcoin after you buy or sell US$100.
Crypto.com: Sign up using our link, stake SG$500 worth of CRO and we both get US$25 in CRO

On a side note, Futu's moomoo app has made their sign-up bonus even more attractive (one free Apple share + one free Nio share with 5 trades + other benefits) and it has been extended to 2nd August 2021! Take a look at the latest benefits here.

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  1. You both were a huge inspiration when I started my journey a few years ago. I'm eagerly awaiting your portfolio to reach a million. Wishing you both and the baby health and happiness :)

    1. Hi!

      Thank you for your kind words! We are glad you found our blog useful. Haha. Most importantly, you have taken action and started your own investment journey :) All the best in your journey too!

      CZM has been asking me monthly if we are reaching a million yet too. Hahaha. Thank you!

  2. bro, where did you buy your ledger from ah? if you bought it from the official website, do they send it directly to your home address or do you have to self-collect?

    1. Hi DS,

      I bought a Ledger Nano X from Shopee during 6.6 from GeekBite. It was $189.99 and with some vouchers and shopee coins, I got it for $164.13. I got the Nano X because it has the bluetooth functionality so I could access my DApps easily from mobile. Turns out I cannot do that. The bluetooth is only to connect to the mobile Ledger app which is not useful for someone doing DeFi.

      After that, I bought the Ledger Family Pack S which has 3 Nano S from the official website for $233 which I am sharing with 2 other friends. That's about $78 and they do send it directly to my home address. Buying it as a backup and legacy planning. lol. Impossible to self collect. The company in France. Haha.

  3. Hi KPO,

    As usual, it is always enjoyable and motivating to see you cross through the different milestones! Congratulations to you on your portfolio and your new gift from god! More to learn from you! ;p

    1. Hi sleepydevil,

      Welcome back! It has been a long time! Just read your latest post, it was unfortunate that you met an accident and hope you have fully recover from it. Thanks! Looking forward to reading more of your update on what happened in the last few years.

  4. Hi KPO,

    Have been following your blog for quite some time now. Given the recent Interactive Broker's removal of inactivity fee, I am rather tempted to move over my SA portfolio to a global index like IWDA or VWRA based on what I have read so far on the more fee efficient nature of LSE ETFs.

    Could you share what made you opt for maintaining your SA portfolios over IWDA?

    1. Hi Z,

      Yes, I saw the news on the removal of IB's inactivity fee which is great for all retail investors! Yes, the reason is simple. I am not discipline enough to continue with the plan especially when the price of IWDA went higher and higher. If I am making the decision to buy things, I want to buy them cheap and not at all time high. Unfortunately, IWDA went higher and higher and I just gave up. lol.

      On the other hand, I automated the transfer of money to SA and do not have to make the decision to invest. Of course, this is just me. There are others that can do it successfully. No harm trying it out yourself too.

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    it provides you with current interest rate for any pool & change history