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Saturday, July 6, 2019

WhatCard to Use?

Dexter from the WhatCard.sg team reached out and asked if we can do a small post on their "passion project". I went to their site, played around for a few minutes and agreed to it. If you are wondering, this is not sponsored and I agreed to it because I thought this is really quite useful. They are not even charging or selling anything. Anyway, you can read more about them here

Forget about which camp (cashback or miles) you belong to. All the credit cards have their own set of rules/T&Cs to follow, rewarding you for certain categories of spendings (e.g. Travel, Online, etc.) and excluding some (e.g. Insurance Premium, Bills, etc.). All these transactions can be categorized by their relevant MCC. What is MCC?

Merchant Category Code (MCC)
MCC is used to classify the business by the type of goods or services it provides. -Wikipedia
An example of the MCC specified in UOB PPV T&Cs
Historically, it has been a pain in the ass to figure out what are the MCC or if your purchases qualify/belong to the relevant category. One of the ways is to call the bank and ask the customer support officer but this requires the transaction to be posted on your card first.

You would think they can do better since if I have not charged to my card, someone else would have done it or they (the banks) will have a portal to search for the MCC based on merchant but nope (we have one now!). Alternatively, one can rely on crowdsourced data on a messy spreadsheet - Credit Card HWZ Compilation. WhatCard also relies on crowdsourced data but it provides a cleaner/neater web interface to help us maximize our spending so that we can use the correct credit card at the right place.

You can search for the merchant directly. I love burger. lol.

Search based on various category.

Search by the type of credit cards - Cashback or Miles

Registration is not required unless you want to contribute back to the community/forum. On a side note, they are still at the beta stage and there will definitely be merchants that have not been added.

Just try it out for yourself!

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