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Monday, July 8, 2019

Kuala Lumpur Food Trail - 4 Days 3 Nights

I always loved the food in Malaysia, hence when I chanced upon a cheap Jetstar getaway promotion to Kuala Lumpur sometime in April, we booked it right away. The total cost of our flight was S$130+ for two pax, all-inclusive.

Before I start on my food trail, the first thing people need to know about Malaysia and its food is that Malaysia has a huge variety of cuisines due to its melting pot of cultures, and Malaysians are extremely passionate about their food. As such, you can easily find good quality food by word-of-mouth and online reviews.  As we have a ton of food we wanted to eat, we decided that a four-day trip will be just nice for this food trail. Not kidding but we really flew there just to eat and eat!

Day 1

- Miru Dessert Cafe
- Restaurant Oversea Imbi, Kuala Lumpur

The moment we touched down at KLIA airport at 2pm, we immediately called Restaurant Oversea to pre-book the char siew and homemade tofu for dinner that night. The last time we went, the char siew was completely sold out even though the restaurant just opened its doors for business at night! Hence, we learnt our lesson this time by booking in advance.

We decided to check in our hotel at the new Parkroyal Serviced Suites Kuala Lumpur which is strategically located near Pavilion Mall. We booked the lavish studio suite which is standing at around 54 sqm at S$100 per night. We also managed to get 1 night free from our hotel.com 10 night free 1 night stay

Parkroyal Serviced Suites Kuala Lumpur, Studio Suite, 1 King Bed

Since the restaurant only starts at 5:30pm for its dinner seating, we decided to visit the Miru Dessert Cafe for some afternoon tea first. Miru is located within Pavilion Mall itself. Similar to After You cafe in Bangkok, it sells the Shibuya Honey Toast which we absolutely love!

Shibuya Honey Toast for RM 20.05
We noticed that there was a Eureka stall outside the Miru and bought A LOT of popcorn (bought 9 big packets and were given 2 medium and 3 small packets for free). Kaisu Singaporeans!

9 big packets of Eureka for RM 122.70
We were already half full by then, but it was time for our char siew! We walked to the Restaurant Oversea Imbi which is located 550m away from the shopping mall. We ordered the medium-sized char siew and 8 pcs of homemade tofu. Perhaps we were too full at that point in time, I find the char siew a bit underwhelming and too gelat for my liking as it was too sticky and fattening. The tofu, on the other hand, was fabulous. The tofu was smooth, silky and taste simply like beancurd. I will let the photos do the talking!

This meal costs RM 123

Day 2

- Sze Ngan Chye Roast Duck and Century egg lean meat porridge
- Sum Hou Bak Kut Teh
- Haagen Dazs @ One Utama
- The Beato Steakhouse, Bangsar

The next morning, we decided to have roast duck for breakfast. I know it's a bit too heavy for breakfast, but we don't exactly have a choice as the Sze Ngan Chye (四眼仔) Roast Duck, which is located on Jalan Petaling/KL's Chinatown, opens at 6am and closes at 1pm daily (and probably sells out much earlier than that).

The Sze Ngan Chye Roast Duck operates in a pushcart stall along the Chinatown. You can order half or whole duck and the duck meat is wrapped with a layer of plastic bag and newspaper. It comes with a packet of dipping sauce. As it only allows for takeaways, we bought a half duck from there and a packet of porridge from a nearby stall to bring back to the hotel. The roast duck was so so so good. The meat is tender and succulent and the skin has a light crisp. Everything about it was spot on!

Sze Ngan Chye (四眼仔) Half a Roast Duck for RM 30
Our next venue was the Sum Hou Bak Kut Teh located at Desa Sri Hartamas. This shop sells the herbal (black) Bak Ku Teh which KPO and I prefer. You can order the type of meat and vegetables to be added to the soup and also side dishes to go with the rice. Overall, it was a pleasant experience though slightly pricey in my opinion.

This meal cost RM 82.50 
I will skip the review on Haagen Dazs. The reason we visited the One Utama mall because we needed to walk after all the eating...but we ended up in a Haagen Dazs cafe to eat again! Goodness.

Häagen-Dazs Paradise for RM 46.10
We reserved a spot at The Beato Steakhouse, Bangsar for dinner. Both KPO and I are beef lovers, so when our relative recommended us this place which sells dry aged beef at just one-third of Fat Cow's price, we jumped at it immediately. We ordered the 300g wagyu ribeye steak which was absolutely amazing. The meat is well marbled, tender and juicy and the service staff was also attentive to details. Highly recommend this place to people visiting the area!

This meal costs RM 276.60

Day 3

- The Mansion Tea Stall - Roti Canai
- Ikan Bakar Seri Melaka
- The Sushi Teh
- Nitro Cold brew Peach tea at The Coffee Bean
- SS2 Pasar Malam + Durian

The Mansion Tea Stall was a place which sells Roti Canai (aka Roti Prata in SG context) and I saw it first on Youtube from a food vlogger Mark Wiens. Unlike the local Roti Prata where the curry is served separate from the flatbread, the Roti Canai (tsunami) is an Indian-influenced dish where the flatbread is mixed with the curry, sambal chili and two half boiled eggs. I can understand why it is called the tsunami. It is a complete mess, but it tastes so good, especially the sambal which adds a savory spiciness to the food. KPO thinks the Roti Canai at The Mansion Tea is better than our local Roti Prata. Don't expect it to be a clean fancy place though.

2 Roti Canai (tsunami) + 2 Tea for RM 11
Similarly, the Ikan Bakar Seri Melaka was introduced by Mark Wiens in his video. The Ikan Bakar (directly translated as burned fish) is a grilled fish dipped in sambal sauce. The Ikan Bakar place recommended in the video was located at some ulu location and we had to Grab there for it. However, the food was rather disappointing as the fish, sotong and stingray which we ordered were a little overcooked/dry. Will not recommend this place.

This meal costs RM 43
I will skip the Sushi Teh (#salmonbelly) and Coffee Bean because obviously there's nothing too special about the food. We just ate there because it's cheaper than in Singapore.

Our last venue for the day is SS2 Pasar Malam and durian feast. SS2 is in fact no longer part of Kuala Lumpur, but not too far away from where we stayed. We took a train down to SS2 as this place is famous for the night market aka Pasar Malam and the durians. Since it's the durian season, how can we miss this?! We ordered some street food in the Pasar Malam such as the must-eat fried carrot cake, char kuey tiao, etc but making sure that our tummies are not completely filled so that we have room for the durians!

The durians are actually not cheap... The Mao Shan Wang durian costs around RM55/kg. That's almost the same as what we can get in Singapore, but it certainly lives up to its name! The durian flesh is dry, fleshy and bitter. Simply delicious!

Overall, KPO and I felt that the food in SS2 is just so-so. Perhaps we did not manage to buy from the right stalls. However, it is still a good experience as the Pasar Malam is so huge and there are many things to see and buy. For those who intend to visit the Pasar Malam, remember that the SS2 Pasar Malam is only open on Mondays.

Day 4

- Nasi Lemak from Antarabangsa (Grab Food)
- Feeka Coffee + Eggs Benedict
- Restoran Char Siew Yoong
- Plaza Premium Lounge

On our last day, we woke up with a sudden realization that we have not had Nasi Lemak in Malaysia! How can we?! Hence, we decided to order it via Grab Food from Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa. It was a let down though. Our Nasi Lemak looked like an absolute disaster when it came. The meat was also dry and the sambal was too little. Oh well.

Nasi Lemak for RM 6.90 with a delivery fee of RM 5
As the food was simply too unsatisfactory, we googled and realized that there was a well-rated cafe near our hotel - Feeka Coffee Roasters. We decided to have our brunch there and ordered the cappuccino and Eggs Benedict. The coffee was good, Eggs Benedict was so-so but still cheap after exchange rate conversion.

This meal costs RM 47.70
Before we head to the airport, our friend who saw our photos on Instagram and realized that we were in Kuala Lumpur, texted us to try the char siew at Char Siew Yoong. We decided to give it a go and this was the best decision ever. The char siew was much better than the Restaurant Oversea. Every piece of the meat has a balanced amount of fats and lean meat and was well charred. By the time we left the place at 1pm, all the char siew and siew yok were completely sold out. So thankful that we managed to reach in time. For people who intend to visit the place, highly recommend you to call and pre-order the char siew to avoid disappointment.

This meal costs RM 29.80
After that, we decided to head down to the Plaza Premium Lounge at the KLIA2 airport since we had some time to spare. The variety was a little limited to be honest, but we noticed that it serves chicken rice there and the rice was surprisingly good. KPO had two servings of the chicken rice even after eating so much in Kuala Lumpur!

In total, we spent SGD $914 with food being the highest category!

That's all that we had in KL *burp*. Do let us know if you have any food recommendations at KL in the comments section below so that we can visit in our next trip. Till then.

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