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Monday, April 1, 2019

Lazada Surprise Box - Save or Waste Money?

Lazada had its 7th Birthday sale recently (27th March 2019) and I was shopping away. The surprise box concept is not new but this is the first time I actually purchase it. Essentially, you do not know what you are buying and pay $37-$47 to get a box of surprise/unknown items worth $120-$150. Some of them have sneak peek (like below) which allow one to guess what will be in the box. The box that got my attention was the Lazada x Spigen Surprise Box because I knew that the case + wireless charger is definitely worth more than $37.

Surprisingly, I was able to apply the $3 voucher and paid only $34 for the surprise box. lol.

It was delivered to my house 2 days later.

These are the items in the surprise box. They even have a breakdown of the cost/value of each item and the total came up to $126.60 (~73% savings).

Being a KPO, the next thing to do is to check how much it is really sold at the Spigen Lazmall shop:
- Spigen Galaxy S10+ Liquid Crystal Case @ $25.90
- Spigen Essential F305W Fast Wireless Charger @ $49.90

Total: $138.69 (~75% savings)

I am pretty sure cheaper alternatives can be found in other shops/platform too but the savings still be quite significant >50%.

Sent the above photos to CZM and being the person that understands me the best, I find her response to be hilarious. On a side note, I also do not own a S10+ yet because my contract only ends in May. Hahahaha.

So did I save (~$100) or waste money ($34)? lol.

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  1. Hi KPO,

    Don't laugh, there is a whole industry created overseas of people buying amazon liquidation pallets to resell the stuff inside. It can be a real business if you want it to be.


    1. Hi KK,

      Thanks for sharing something interesting. Never knew about such stuff.