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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Expenses - March 2019

We went to the first Southeast Asia Pokemon Safari event in Sentosa and CZM managed to catch a shiny Lapras! KPO was not as lucky :'(

Current Profile: 29 years couple who got married recently but staying separately with our own parents while waiting for the BTO project to be completed this year.

Our total expenses were $6,954.84! The breakdown would be as follows:

KPO Expense Fund (our common fund): $3,383.45

KPO: $2,576.78

CZM: $994.61

Vacation continues to be our biggest expense.

We will be travelling to the USA/Canada due to Cathay Pacific blunder - Thank You Cathay Pacific! Another First Class Flight on American Airlines. This is the deposit/installment (2/4) for a private glacier kayaking and camping tour we signed up for by Compass Heli Tours. The plan is to take a helicopter into the middle of nowhere in British Columbia, kayak in the glacier lake and camp/stay in the 5 billion stars hotel where the temperature could go below zero. Hopefully, the experience will be as magical as the price (~SGD$5,165).

We booked quite a few flights:
- Scoot from Singapore (SIN) to Vietnam, Hanoi (HAN) and back
- Air Canada from Washington D.C. (IAD) to Toronto (YYZ)
- Air Transat from Toronto (YYZ) to Calgary (YYC)
- Air Canda from Vancouver (YVR) to Washington D.C. (IAD)

I know, it is crazy...

I blogged about this previously
$1,282 - NAS (Network Attached Storage) @ Portfolio - February 2019
$92.45 - Lazada Surprise Box - Save or Waste Money? + random stuff

$1,360 - This is the total amount we are giving to our parents as allowance.

$586.77 - Our combined food expenses are still on the low side because we are still staying with our parents and I usually skip lunch.

$388 - Attended a wedding at PARKROYAL on Pickering (with CZM)

$187.40 - Cab
$134.73 - Our EZ Link/Account-Based Ticketing (ABT) for the month

$192.00 - This is a fixed monthly cost for the basic coverage - term life and hospitalization. The premium for the hospitalization went up...

$148 - Went for a biannual dental appointment for cleaning/scaling. Not an actual expense because I can claim all of them back from my company.

$21.65 - Darling, Cab: Not an actual expense because CZM can claim cab for doing OT. This is normally excluded but I am lazy to clean it up.

$15.50 - Darling, Watsons: It seems that CZM will always buy something from Watson almost every month for it to become a category by itself. No idea what she bought. Hahaha.

$8.70 - Darling, Online Shopping: CZM bought some socks from Lazada.

$35.60 - Treated family, friends and colleagues to food/drinks.

$28 - Entertainment: Watched a movie + popcorn together.

$10 - Gambling: Toto, the fastest way to fulfill our millionaire dream.

Our combined expenses would have been only ~$2,700+ after removing those large one time expenses (Vacation, Me and Gift). Till next time!

January 2019 - $11,712.06
February 2019 - $7,301.63
March 2019 - $6,954.84

Total expenses for 2019: $25,968.53
Average expenses per month for 2019: $8,656.18

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