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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Expenses - February 2019

We spent almost every weekend meeting IDs and they are all charging so differently. Most have GST while some don't. When we prompt further, we were told that they have multiple "companies" under their name and they can split it such that customer will not incur GST. Another annoying thing is that the payments have to be made in either cash or cheque, no credit card means no miles/cashback back for such big spending. Anyway, we will be taking a break from the renovation/IDs and do some fun stuff!

We managed to grab some preview tickets for our family to Jewel Changi Airport on 13th April!

We were also lucky enough to get tickets to the first Pokemon Safari event in SEA on 20th April! Back to our high expenses for February 2019 @_@"

Current Profile: 29 years couple who got married recently but staying separately with our own parents while waiting for the BTO project to be completed this year.

Our total expenses were $7,301.63!!! The breakdown would be as follows:

KPO Expense Fund (our common fund): $2,758.45

KPO: $3,285.15

CZM: $1,258.03


Vacation continues to be our biggest expense. I have color-coded them for easy reference.

I will be going on a tour by Hong Thai Travel to Eastern Europe with my parents and $1,838 is the remaining payment. Made the payment in advance in order to hit the Citi Premier Miles CNY $8,888 promotion.

We will be travelling to the USA/Canada due to Cathay Pacific blunder - Thank You Cathay Pacific! Another First Class Flight on American Airlines. This is the deposit/installment (1/4) for a private glacier kayaking and camping tour we signed up for by Compass Heli Tours. The plan is to take a helicopter into the middle of nowhere in British Columbia, kayak in the glacier lake and camp/stay in the 5 billion stars hotel where the temperature could go below zero. Hopefully, the experience will be as magical as the price (~SGD$5,165). We also booked some accommodations (1 in Vietnam and 1 in Canada).

We went to Bali for 3 days 2 nights and spent $831.75 in total. I think we spent a lot considering that our accommodation (Furama Xclusive Villas & Spa, Ubud - Lagoon Pool Villa) was free. Everything in Bali was just so expensive! As for what we did, CZM has a post still in draft mode and I will leave it to her to update you guys. Haha.

$1,360 - This is the total amount we are giving to our parents as allowance.

$597.18 - Our combined food expenses are still on the low side because we are still staying with our parents and I usually skip lunch.

$288 - Attended a wedding at Conrad Centennial (with CZM)

$248.88 - Bought birthday presents for my younger sister and CZM's dad.

$50 - Housewarming ang bao/red packet for a friend

$9.50 - Valentine's Roses for CZM from NTUC. Hahahaha.

$160.05 - CZM treated me to Cheek by Jowl – Michelin-Starred Modern Australian Restaurant for my birthday.

$125.25 - Treated family to Chin Huat Live Seafood.

The rest are just tea/coffee for friends/colleagues.

$108.85 - Our EZ Link/Account-Based Ticketing (ABT) for the month

$93.30 - Cab

$177.00 - This is a fixed monthly cost for the basic coverage - term life and hospitalization.

$88.00 - CZM goes for facial or massage once in a while.

$71.95 - Health: I fell sick and went to Raffles Medical (supporting my own stocks). lol. Not an actual expense because I can claim all of them back from my company.

$40.00 - Lost money playing mahjong during CNY.

$21.85 - Watsons: It seems that CZM will always buy something from Watson almost every month for it to become a category by itself. No idea what she bought. Hahaha.

Our combined expenses would have been only ~$2,900+ after removing those large one time expenses (Vacation and Gift). Till next time!

January 2019 - $11,712.06
February 2019 - $7,301.63

Total expenses for 2019: $19,013.69
Average expenses per month for 2019: $9,506.845

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