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Monday, January 4, 2021

Our CPF 2020

CPF plays a crucial role towards retirement planning and should be managed accordingly. Our plan is to first max out MA (which will then overflow to SA/OA), then follow by SA (meeting the FRS) and let compounding take over to ensure that we will always be able to meet the new minimum sum in the respective accounts. Our CPF update will be done annually together with the interests that are being paid out. 


Age 30, Total CPF ~$150k

I was transferring OA to SA for higher interest once I started working and blogged about it here - CPF Milestone ($40k in Special Account) and The Power of Compound Interest. I stopped transferring and began to build up OA to prepare for our BTO HDB downpayment in 2018. There was a change in policy (HDB 想通了/achieved enlightenment. lol) and we can now keep up to $20,000 in OA. You can read about why we do not wish to wipe our OA here - Chiong Housing Loan or Take It Slow?

In 2019, we paid the remaining downpayment for our BTO, hence you can see a drop in OA. The plan now is to keep at least $20k in OA as a buffer in the event if we lose our job/income, we can still continue to pay off the housing loan for the next 2-3 years without any worry.

Last year, we also chose to refinance our HDB housing loan to a bank loan for a saving of ~$200 per month. You can read more about it here - My Experience with Mortgage Brokers - Redbrick and iCompareLoan. I also did CPF RSTU (7k to CPF SA) and Voluntary Contribution (VC) to CPF MA for tax optimization.

Interest received:
OA - $702.78
SA - $3,346.83
MA - $1,239.29

Total: $5,288.90


Age 30, Total CPF ~$170k

Interest received:
OA - $738.76
SA - $4,152.99
MA - $1,515.94

Total: $6,407.69

Together, the interest received are $11,696.59 :)

I have a spreadsheet that attempts to forecast CPF minimum sum and tracks how close/far are we to meeting/hitting the minimum sum. This is computed by adding OA and SA together (which forms RA when we hit 55). As of 2020, I have only met 63.27% based on the current minimum sum of $181,000 while CZM is at 72.47%. More than half the journey done to meeting FRS!

Something I like to do, assuming that CZM stopped working now and there will be $0 contribution to her CPF, will she be able to hit the minimum retirement sum? Using a finance calculator and her current SA of $95,347.55, the future value when we are 55 is $244,404.77. Pretty close to the lower bound of the estimation ($231,000 which is compounding the minimum sum at 1%). Guess CZM got to continue to work for a few more years. Hahahaha.

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