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Monday, September 14, 2020

Endowus - August 2020

Baby Ong is 28 weeks old and CZM is officially in her third trimester. We had an appointment with the gynae in the morning today and were told that she's ~1.2kg now (estimated to be ~3kg during birth)! We also went for Mount Alvernia maternity tour in the afternoon and were shocked to find out that we cannot take video in the delivery ward!

That's after I purchased a new GoPro 8 during 9.9 for this @_@" 

We have decided to opt for the Single bed room so that I will be able to accompany her throughout. Even if there's no one else sharing the 2-Bedded, the husband will not be able to stayover to accompany the wife. Given that this is our first baby, CZM needs/deserves all my attention and support. Shall blog more about this separately.

Risk Profile
Goal type: General wealth accumulation
Risk tolerance: Maximise returns (loss tolerance -60%)
Monthly investment using SRS: $740

I have modified my monthly investment in order to max out my SRS contribution for the year.

Account Summary

Capital: $8,190.00
Current: $8,588.83 (4.87%)

There are quite a few differences as compared to StashAway. Firstly, all the cash has been invested while StashAway keeps 1% of the portfolio in cash. Secondly, the fees are not deducted on a monthly basis. The Access Fee charged by Endowus will be deducted at the end of each quarter as stated in their FAQ.

As of 13 September 2020, the portfolio value is $8,377.07 (+2.28%).

Asset Allocation

This shows that the number of shares for each fund that I owned:
- Dimensional Global Core Equity Fund (134.4620)
- Infinity US 500 Stock Index Fund (1,508.6300)
- Dimensional Emerging Markets Large Cap Core Equity Fund (54.3380)
- Dimensional Pacific Basin Small Companies Fund (49.7380)

It will be great if they actually showed my average price vs the current market price.


That's all! Overall, I think the statement is pretty straightforward and easy to read. On a side note, StocksCafe does not has the ability to track funds, hence unable to do any form of comparison/benchmark.

If you are interested in Endowus, do use our referral link for our readers! You will get S$10,000 managed free for 6 months ($20 equivalent) and we will get $20 too!

You might be interested in previous months update too:
Endowus CPF/SRS Review
Endowus - January 2020 - $3,692.02
Endowus - February 2020 - $3,704.57
Endowus - March 2020 - $4,153.50
Endowus - April 2020 - $4,849.67
Endowus - May 2020 - $5,797.36
Endowus - June 2020 - $6,471.66
Endowus - July 2020 - $7,455.96
- Endowus - August 2020 - $8,588.83

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  1. which robo would u recommend for cash? prefer easy to use/understand, access to better funds and/or better strategy/asset allocation..

    1. Hey Steven,

      It depends on your risk/personal preference. These are my recommendations:
      - Global and diversify portfolio: StashAway
      - Local REITs: Syfe
      - Lowest cost using SRS/CPF: Endowus

  2. Trust me, it is worth all those 'expenses' for Baby Ong... my best wishes for a smooth delivery. At current, is your Endowus investment returning you better than the CPFOA 2.5% in returns at this point in time? I am above 55 and am considering if it is worthwhile parking my CPFOA funds with Endowus based on both short and long term returns but the long term may be dependent on how the current situation evolves. Thanks for any insight or IMO you can share.

    My best wishes for the coming new addition to the family!!

    1. Thanks Steven! I am currently only using SRS to invest. Given that the portfolio for SRS and CPF are different, it is slightly difficult to give you an answer based on my current experience. In addition, it also depends on when one starts the portfolio/investment (e.g. during March 2020 low should beat 2.5% vs starting before that/last year).

      Considering that you are above 55 and have yet to withdraw all your CPF funds, you should be both financially sound and savvy so I believe you already have an answer in your mind. In my opinion, long term investment is not an issue but for short term (1-3 years), I will prefer to leave them in OA and take the risk free 2.5%.

  3. why does stashaway use us domiciled etfs..and not irish ones

    1. Hi Maruti,

      The answer to your question can be found in their FAQs - https://www.stashaway.sg/faq/115003746507-why-do-you-invest-in-usd-denominated-etfs/

      "We invest in the most liquid and most cost-effective ETFs in the world, and those are listed in the US markets and denominated in USD."