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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Expenses - April 2019

I blogged about our BTO HDB Key Collection & Door Opening Ceremony and it caused our expenses for the month to shoot up significantly.

Current Profile: 29 years couple who got married recently but staying separately with our own parents while waiting for the BTO project to be completed this year.

Our total expenses were $30,027.34! The breakdown would be as follows:

KPO Expense Fund (our common fund): $1,023.73

KPO: $16,071.79

CZM: $12,931.82

See! Watson again. lol.


Both the Loan (the next 5% downpayment) and Home Protection Scheme (HPS) were paid using our CPF OA as well as the town council Service & Conservancy Charges (S&CC) charge using NETS when we collected our keys.

Bought some packet drinks and bottled water for the contractors.

$1,360 - This is the total amount we are giving to our parents as allowance.

$1,173 - My dad's MediShield and hospitalization premium deducted from my CPF MA. This has reduced (compared to $2,232 - Expenses - April 2018) because my brother started working and has taken over my mum's premium.

$150 - 2 x Jetstar return flights to KL next week!

$442 - 2 x Scoot return flights to Vietnam in September.

$43.60 - Travel insurance for Europe trip.


$402.20 - My annual MediShield and hospitalization premium deducted from CPF MA.

$192.00 - This is a fixed monthly cost for the basic coverage - term life and hospitalization. The premium for the hospitalization went up...

$5.50 - Etiqa fire insurance for our house for 5 years. Mandatory for key collection.


$449.49 - Our combined food expenses are still on the low side because we are still staying with our parents and I usually skip lunch.

$133.38 - Our EZ Link/Account-Based Ticketing (ABT) for the month
$100.40 - Cab


CZM bought some new clothes and some stuff from Watson.

$16.80 - Gambling: Mahjong

$10 - Gambling: Toto, the fastest way to fulfill our millionaire dream.

$24 - Bought a Liverpool jersey for a friend on his wedding.

$9.11 - Treated family, friends and colleagues to food/drinks.

$8 - Entertainment: Popcorn and watched Avenger with CZM. The movie tickets were purchased through Grab credits when we topped up the account due to Amex promotion.

January 2019 - $11,712.06
February 2019 - $7,301.63
March 2019 - $6,954.84
April 2019 - $5,236.49 ($30,027.34 including the next 5% downpayment)

Our total expenses for 2019: $31,205.02
Average expenses per month for 2019: $7,801.26

Our expenses have been skewed by the second downpayment. If we were to remove such one-time expenses. Our combined expenses would have been only $5,236.49. Oh well, till next time!

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