Saturday, October 14, 2017

StashAway - September 2017

Our StashAway September statement is out! If you are wondering, the statements are generated on the second week (Friday) of the month.

I have yet to set up the automatic transfer last month as we were still deciding the final amount to be put into StashAway. Last month, we went on vacation and I forgot about it totally and only transferred the amount on the 1st October 2017 so there is no new deposit shown in this statement. Eventually, we decided to just stick with $500 for various reasons. After all, our goal is to build a portfolio with dividends huge enough for early retirement so we prefer picking our own stocks. StashAway does not generate any cash flow and is used purely for capital growth.

1. ACCOUNT OVERVIEW (as of the last day of the month)

Our capital is $1,000 so that is a $3.52 gain. lol.


Interestingly, there is a -$5.52 difference between the opening and closing positions.


Cash USD increases because dividends were collected. Cash SGD decreases due to fees charged by StashAway.




The fee for last month is $0.66. The total fee charged is $1.03.

You can compare it with last month statement - A Look Into StashAway Monthly Statement :)

StashAway VS STI ETF
Since there is no way to compare the performances among the robo-advisors, I came out with a spreadsheet to track our StashAway portfolio performance (General Investing - Risk Level 28) against that of STI ETF which I will be updating on a monthly basis. For simplicity, I shall assume that one can either invest in Nikko STI ETF using POSB Invest-Saver or invest in SPDR STI ETF using SCB Priority Online Trading (no minimum commission). These would be the opportunity costs while we continue to invest in StashAway.

This month commentary: The last few days have excellent for stocks and the whole market is so bullish. Nikko STI ETF closed at $3.46 while SPDR STI ETF closed at $3.36. Currently, both STI ETF are generating a higher return than StashAway after fees.

Which is the best? Only time will tell :)

This is the link to our spreadsheet - KPO & CZM StashAway Portfolio VS STI ETF which I have also added to Our Portfolio page.

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