$$$ KPO and CZM $$$: New Toy - Mi Smart Scale

Saturday, October 28, 2017

New Toy - Mi Smart Scale

KPO purchase a new toy from Lazada - Xiao Mi: Mi Smart Scale to keep track of his weight loss journey but CZM thinks it is a waste of money. Hahahaha. The "kiam" part of me is also telling me that I should not be wasting money but the devils (Lazada and Xiao Mi) won in the end. What can I say, guys love electronics and games while girls love clothes, bags, and shoes?

I first started my weight loss plan on 4th September 2017 - KPO Needs to Lose Weight and my weight was 83.5kg with a BMI of 27.9. I was tracking it manually using a spreadsheet but got slightly lazy. I knew all along that Lazada was selling it for $36 but I felt that it was too expensive. Do note that this is from the official Mi Store after my bad experience with fake stuff on Lazada - Bad Lazada - 128 GB SD Card for $12.27?!.

However, Lazada tempted me with some credit card promotion together with my LiveUp rebate, the price was reduced to $25.89 which was equivalent to a 28% discount and the rest is history.

The thing I like about the weighing scale is that it automatically synchronizes your weight with the Xiao Mi app on your phone. Multiple profiles/people can be added to the app and it is smart enough to update the weight to the correct profile. It will then calculate your BMI and the relevant category you would belong. CZM is normal while KPO is still overweight >.<

As of today (27th October 2017), my weight is 76.9kg with a BMI of 25.6! I have managed to shave off 6.6kg (around 8%) in around 2 months including the 2 weeks we went Hong Kong and Indonesia for vacation and we eat non-stop!

Speaking of which, I will be blogging about our vacation soon since CZM is too busy. I also like how Xiao Mi is so encouraging by informing me that I am lighter than 43% of the people around the area instead of heavier than 57% of the people. lol.

If you notice, I have dropped the weight update on the recent posts because my friends are saying that it is too random. Hahahaha.


  1. Hi KPO,

    Wa this time round lose much more weight!! 6.6kg lost is very impressive!!

    1. Hi sleepydevil,

      Thanks! Unfortunately, I am still overweight. Hahaha.