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Monday, March 15, 2021

Endowus - February 2021

My company has this policy that allows one to buy more/sell your annual leaves up to a certain limit which I thought was very interesting. If you have the choice, will you buy more or sell your annual leaves? I think the decision shows which stage of life you are at. 

For instance, I would have sold all the leaves available in the first few years of my career (not married, no kids) so that I can get more money in return. However, I actually value time over money now and I do need the leaves to take care of my family. Just like what happened this week, I took a last-minute one-week leave in order to relieve her from most of the baby duties because CZM sprained her back and was getting engorgement. Having said that, I am not going to buy more leaves because I still need money for other purposes. I think the next level is those that buy annual leaves without batting an eyelid. I guess that's what I will do once when we reach FI (Financial Independence) since we no longer need the money from our salary but it is always good to have that additional buffer. lol.

Risk Profile
Goal type: General wealth accumulation
Risk tolerance: Maximise returns (loss tolerance -60%)
Monthly investment using SRS: $638

I have modified my monthly investment in order to max out my SRS contribution for the year.

Account Summary

Capital: $11,788.00
Current: $13,549.30 (14.98%)

There are quite a few differences as compared to StashAway. Firstly, all the cash has been invested while StashAway keeps 1% of the portfolio in cash. Secondly, the fees are not deducted on a monthly basis. The Access Fee charged by Endowus will be deducted at the end of each quarter as stated in their FAQ.

As of 15 March 2021, the portfolio value is $14,830.21 (+19.40%).

Asset Allocation

This shows that the number of shares for each fund that I owned:
- Dimensional Global Core Equity Fund (187.0010)
- Infinity US 500 Stock Index Fund (2,208.0500)
- Dimensional Emerging Markets Large Cap Core Equity Fund (70.2910)
- Dimensional Pacific Basin Small Companies Fund (68.4890)

It will be great if they actually showed my average price vs the current market price. Anyway, the Feb SRS investment was not captured in the same month, hence the above looks identical to last month and you will see that there are no transactions below.


That's all! Overall, I think the statement is pretty straightforward and easy to read. On a side note, StocksCafe does not has the ability to track funds, hence unable to do any form of comparison/benchmark.

Speaking of which, Endowus has finally launched a mobile app:
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.endowus.mobileapp

Endowus has also decided to extend their attractive CNY promotion to the end of March -  lowering of the minimum investment amount to just $888! Huat ah! 
To kickoff the Chinese New Year and to help people invest better from the start of the year, we will be running the following initiatives:
1. For the entire February March, we are lowering our minimum investment amount from $10,000 to $888
2. From 1 - 14 February, we have a sign-up bonus for new clients from $20 to $28

To be eligible for the $20 sign-up bonus, the prospective clients have to:
1. Be a new Endowus client
2. Create an account before the end of March (leave an email and password on our website) using a referral or affiliate link
3. Fund their account with $888 before the end of March

If you are interested in Endowus, do use our referral link for our readers! You will get S$10,000 managed free for 6 months ($20 equivalent) and we will get $20 too! 

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