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Thursday, February 4, 2021

Cheapest Electricity Plan - SP Group Wholesale Electricity (2021)

In my previous article, I shared my last 3 months of electricity bills then (Feb, Mar and Apr 2020) to show that the SP Group Wholesale Electricity plan is probably the cheapest electricity plan available in the Open Electricity Market (OEM) as well as the remaining statements for the rest of 2020 here - Cheapest Electricity Plan - SP Group Wholesale Electricity Part 2. This is a continuation of that article by sharing the more recent statements too.

Jan 2021

177.43 kWh - $26.90 which translate to 15.16 cents/kWh

Feb 2021

357.93 kWh - $57.72 which translate to 16.12 cents/kWh

Mar 2021

326.14 kWh - $57.17 which translate to 17.53 cents/kWh (Do take note that this is no longer the cheapest rate at face value. I shall blog about it soon)

Again, the above are just rough estimates as I included other fees such as GST, meter reading, etc. The more accurate way is to remove them and compute but it is already lower even when I included those miscellaneous fees. You can decide for yourself :)

Anyway, if you are interested in this update, simply bookmark this page as I will just update it with the subsequent months' statement.

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  1. Thanks for the updates! Yeah looks like this wholesale electricity is the cheapest. It'll take a persistent run-up in oil prices for it to lose out to the other electricity providers.

    Oh you have to include all those misc charges. The other providers also get charged too, just that they lump everything into a single price for the end-consumer.

    1. Ah, is it? I didn't know cause I have not seen the bills from the other providers. Thanks for pointing that out!