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Sunday, August 9, 2020

StashAway - July 2020 + Happy 3 Years!

Time flies, StashAway has just celebrated its 3 years old birthday! In addition, they have also recently raised another US$16 million in a Series C fundraising round bringing their paid-up capital to $50.7 million SGD. Among all the robo-advisors in the market, I have the most confidence in StashAway. It may look like StashAway hasn't done much since they last launched the cash management portfolio (StashAway Simple) but they have actually expanded to Malaysia as well as started getting corporate clients. Look at some of the case studies done together with some of the big tech companies to get an idea of their growth. StashAway will likely be around for a long time.

In their 3 years old email, StashAway was showcasing their annualized returns (before fees) beating all their benchmark from 19 July 2017 to June 2020. Do note that these are annualized returns across 3 years. For example, a Risk Index 22% will turn $10,000 in July 2017 to $13,310 in July 2020.

I got to say the performance of StashAway portfolios are pretty impressive. 

Anyway, we have 3 portfolios on 2 accounts now due to our new strategy - New Strategy: StashAway + Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS):
KPO and CZM Cash - StashAway Risk Index 22%
KPO SRS - StashAway Risk Index 36%
CZM SRS - StashAway Risk Index 14%

1. PORTFOLIO SUMMARY (as of the last day of the month)



Based on the statement (31 July 2020), our total investment is ‭$44,125.18! KPO gains $1,728.66 and CZM gains $‭‭‭179.82 for the month.

As of 5 August 2020, these are our portfolio performance:

KPO and CZM Cash - StashAway Risk Index 22%: $‭31,505.14 (32.87% - Capital: $25,500)

KPO SRS - StashAway Risk Index 36%: $8,763.06 (30.95% - Capital: $7,450)

CZM SRS - StashAway Risk Index 14%: $4,825.59 (26.74% - Capital: $4,250)

From here, you can see the difference in volatility/losses based on both our SRS accounts which started around the same time but with vastly different risk.

Note that these are reported in USD.

KPO and CZM Cash - StashAway Risk Index 22%

KPO SRS - StashAway Risk Index 36%

CZM SRS - StashAway Risk Index 14%


I referred StashAway to a friend. Hence, the fee stated is based on the monthly-average assets SGD ($25,000.00 x 0.8% + $2,312.30 x 0.7%) / 366 days * 31 days = $18.31. I exchanged 3 x 300 Shopee coins ($3 equivalent) for 3 x $5 fee credit too. Otherwise, it would have been SGD ($25,000.00 x 0.8% + $12,312.30 x 0.7%) / 366 days * 31 days = $24.24.

The fee stated is based on the monthly-average assets SGD $4,352.83 x 0.8% / 366 days * 31 days = $2.95.


Evan (founder of StocksCafe) made an improvement where one can now benchmark their portfolio against multiple indexes/ETFs. Looking at the time-weighted return (9.73%) for this year, we can see that StashAway Risk Index 22% is outperforming the STI ETF, SPY, and IWDA (including fees). If we compare across the years, StashAway's portfolio is winning by a huge margin (33.16%) except losing to SPY (38.69%). In addition, it has the lowest volatility and max drawdown. This is what StashAway meant by reducing risk and maximizing the return. 

Which is the best? Only time will tell :)

Anyway, if you are interested in signing up for StashAway, do use our referral link - KPO and CZM Referral Link. You will get $10,000 free management fees for 6 months and we will get $16!

If you want to extract those transactions information from StashAway, do take a look at this article - StashAway Transactions Parser.

If you are interested in the smart portfolio tracker (StocksCafe) which I am using as shown above, sign up using my link for a longer trial period :) Refer to our Referrals page for more information.

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