$$$ KPO and CZM $$$: Expenses - May 2018

Monday, June 18, 2018

Expenses - May 2018

Busy busy. So many things happening now, wedding and honeymoon preparation, Trump-Kim summit on our little island, world cup, potential trade war, red red stock market yet with many shares buyback. We will probably just buy on weakness and average down/up instead of looking for new investment opportunities.

Interestingly, CZM was chan zui (not surprising!), went to buy one of the Trump-Kim food last week and was interviewed by one of the foreign national TV stations! They asked if CZM was following the Trump-Kim news and what was her reason for buying the food. She said not following and she just wants to try the food. Both the interviewer and translator looked at each other and gave a sian look. LOL. I was telling her she missed such an excellent opportunity to be featured in a TV, she should have said Kim deserve a Nobel Peace award for his efforts in trying to denuclearise North Korea. Naturally, she was not featured. Back to my expenses for last month...

Current Profile: 28 years old male planning to get married this year and is still living with his parents

You can read more about how we manage our finances here. Removing our shared expenses which come out of our mutual fund (KPO Expense Fund), my expenses for May would be $1978.35 - ($229.23 / 2) = $1,863.74.

I previously blogged about my promotion and increment - Salary - You Are Your Best Investment and it was only effective from February so I gave my parents more allowance as well.

Treated my family + CZM to New Ubin Seafood and CZM's family (split with CZM and her brother) to the three peacocks for Mother's Day celebration.

CZM bought some haircut deal (ammonia dye + cut) from Fave for $45 each to prepare for our prewedding shoot which we initially thought was a good deal. However, when we reached there, they gave us a very limited number of colors to choose from (dark colors - some cannot even tell that the hair has been dyed) and said they are clearing stocks -.- Topping up meant another $68 for myself and $88 for CZM for more colors + non-ammonia dye which they said is better for the hair. What a scam...

CZM is the real KPO, she initially wanted to just make do with whatever that is available but knowing her, she will definitely regret her decision so I convinced her to just top up since the prewedding shoot is once in a lifetime. After everything, they tried to convince us to sign some package for 7 sessions (valued at $86 each) which we can immediately use 2 (since CZM dyed ($88) her hair and did highlight ($96)). We concluded that the other places are probably using similar tactics on Fave, we negotiated for 4 sessions instead so that we can return the next time before our actual day wedding.

Both my mum and CZM like my new hairstyle a lot since I am the kind of guy that does not really care about his look/hairstyle but it cost $113! I joke with CZM and my parents that I can cut my hair for 3 years ($3.80 haircut at Snip Avenue). Oh well, all for the sake of our wedding.

Attended another church wedding + a baby shower.

This is a fixed monthly cost for the basic coverage - term life and hospitalization.

Bought a new shoe after being forced/nagged by my parents. lol.

I took this photo before throwing it away. This was the state of my previous shoe which I have been using for almost a year. This shoe was handed down by my dad many years ago. He bought it but found little use for it and gave it to me. They have been nagging me for a few months asking me to buy a new shoe but I refused because it still works really well for me. To the extent that my dad said he will go buy another shoe and give it to me. Win liao lor, I am already working, how can I let that happen, so I gave up and went out with them to buy a new Timberland shoe.

I would always pay for CZM's cab ride home during night time since I am too lazy to send her home. That was one of our agreement. lol. EZ Link expenses were much higher this month which was probably due to the wedding preparation, hence we have been commuting a lot more apart from work.

Public transportation seems a lot lower because of 2 reasons:
1. I am no longer using EZ Link Auto-Reload. Account-Based Ticketing (ABT) is a much better choice as you pay what you use instead of triggering top up where the money is stored in the EZ Link card. The best part is miles can be earned too (using UOB PRVI Mastercard)!
2. $0.50 Discount for commuters who enter stations before 7.45am on weekdays.

My food expenses are exceptionally low because I stay with my parents! Most of it is incurred when I am out with CZM.

The $69.97 is the installment for Surface Pro which I got about 2 years back. I have successfully replaced the faulty/flickering Surface Pro!

Trying our luck on an $8 million draw.

Applied for May SSB to build the bond ladder so that we can get higher interest for DBS Multiplier account - DBS Multiplier + SSBs + Joint Account = Higher Interest!

January 2018 - $2,256.43
February 2018 - $1,759.01
March 2018 - $5,049.79
April 2018 - $1,572.54
May 2018 - $1,863.74

Total expenses for 2018: $12,501.51
Average expenses per month for 2018: $2,500.30

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  1. Wasted! CZM should have said she and her husband are related to the bigshots. Who knows? Maybe the K in KPO is Kim Pok Ong.

    What's your new hairstyle? Still got your heart-shape hairstyle?

    1. Hahahaha. I got to say, you are extremely creative!

      Kim's hairstyle lor. Your memory very good, I don't remember blogging about heart-shape hairstyle... lol

    2. Eh? CZM removed the drawing of your heart-shaped hairstyle off your shared Instagram account liao ah? No wonder, lol.

    3. Oh oh. The drawing is still there. The plugin only shows the latest 9 photos. Hahahaha.