$$$ KPO and CZM $$$: Portfolio Update - May 2017

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Portfolio Update - May 2017

It has been 6 months since we I started blogging and unknowingly, the blog has crossed another milestone, it has more than >10k views! Thank you to all the readers out there and I hope that you guys enjoyed whatever stuffs we are sharing. CZM sort of lost interest cause she says this blog is not making money. We applied for Google AdSense but was rejected. lol. Let's see if she ever returns...

Our portfolio grew by 3.85% this month mainly due to capital injection.

We saw some weakness in the price of Capitaland when it fell from a high of $3.78 to $3.46 and that was when we decided to pull the trigger and add more Capitaland shares to our portfolio. It has a NAV of $4.16 and a higher RNAV which also means we are buying at a discount of at least 20%. While waiting patiently for it to hit NAV, it has a dividend yield of 2.78%. Most importantly, it has strong kao shan (靠山 - translate to supported by mountain. lol).

SGX StockFacts - Ownershiper

I was looking for new stocks to buy as the price of most developer and REITs stocks have rise significantly, some even reaching 52 weeks high. Furthermore, CZM always says I need to diversify our portfolio, so I decided to buy some bread! When you look at its PE ratio, it is pretty undervalued when compared to its peers (6 vs 19-26).


Looking at its operating cash flow, we can see that it is a rather profitable business too! QAF has also been consistently paying a $0.05 per share of dividend every year (around 3.75% dividend yield).

SGX StockFacts - Financials

We also applied for Sanli IPO (101,000 units) but was not allocated any units. My friend applied 168,000 units cause he says lucky number maybe higher chance - he was not allocated if you are thinking of trying next time. IPO seems to be as hard as applying for BTO or maybe harder?! We got our BTO during our third try, let's see if IPO is faster. (Technically, we can IPO another 13 times since the application fee for BTO is $10 each. lol)

- QAF (3,000 units) @ $1.33
- CapitaLand (2,000 units) @ $3.48 [Total units: 4,000 units]

The total dividends collected this month is $2014.95. The breakdown is as follows:

Company Symbol ExDate Shares Total
CapitaLand Ltd C31 02-May-17 2,000 $200.00
Wee Hur Holdings Ltd E3B 02-May-17 5,000 $15.00
Mapletree Greater China Commercial Trust RW0U 03-May-17 5,000 $186.55
Starhill Global Real Estate Investment Trust P40U 04-May-17 12,000 $141.60
Chip Eng Seng Corporation Ltd C29 05-May-17 8,000 $320.00
Raffles Medical Group Ltd BSL 08-May-17 4,000 $120.00
Hong Fok Corporation Ltd H30 08-May-17 16,500 $165.00
Lippo Malls Indonesia Retail Trust D5IU 09-May-17 4,000 $35.60
Frasers Logistics & Industrial Trust BUOU 12-May-17 8,000 $279.20
Sheng Siong Group Ltd OV8 12-May-17 14,000 $259.00
OUE Ltd LJ3 12-May-17 10,000 $200.00
Far East Hospitality Trust Q5T 18-May-17 10,000 $93.00

Total dividends collected for 2017: $4785.96
Average dividends per month for 2017: $398.83

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