$$$ KPO and CZM $$$: Good Lazada Giving Away Free 16 GB SD Card + $5 Voucher [Part 2]

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Good Lazada Giving Away Free 16 GB SD Card + $5 Voucher [Part 2]

My previous post on "Bad Lazada [Part 1]" has exceed 1,000 views and became one of my top post! It is only fair that I follow up and blogged on my refund experience with them too.

After conducting my test, I initiated a full refund request where the goods purchased should be returned to Lazada. The instructions given was to print out the return form and a customer service associate will be contacting me to schedule a time to pick up the SD card.

However, one day later, one of their customer service associate sent an email to me. Instead of arranging a time to pick up the SD card, I was told to "keep the item". On top of that, Lazada provided a $5 voucher code (no minimum spending) which was valid till 31st August. Wow, I got more than what I asked for. A free 16 GB SD card and a $5 voucher!

KPO being a nice guy did not stop there as he was genuinely concerned that the majority of the public - not being tech savy might be scammed and lose their precious vacation photos, replied the email hoping that Lazada will take down those product listings/sellers.

The rest is history - I was slammed with a standard template response and the ticket was closed. In summary, the refund experience with Lazada was hassle free and they do honor their refund policy.

As of this moment (14th June 2017 12:38am), I still see lots of 128 GB SD cards listed at ridiculous cheap price in Lazada under the brand OEM. This is the link if you are interested in getting a free 8/16 GB SD card and a $5 Lazada voucher. Thank me in the comment if you actually tried and get them successfully but do not scold me if you do not (KPO and CZM are not liable for anything that is posted here). lol.

So KPO went back to Lazada and bought CZM an authentic Anello bag using the $5 voucher for $23.90! That ridiculously cheap too!

How do I know if it is real? It says authentic...

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