$$$ KPO and CZM $$$: "Free" $105 Cash from Shopback (Cashback Site) + $20/$50 Capitaland Vouchers from Amex

Sunday, May 28, 2017

"Free" $105 Cash from Shopback (Cashback Site) + $20/$50 Capitaland Vouchers from Amex

If you have not heard of ShopBack, you have been missing out lots of cashback opportunities! If you know about it, good for you but do you know about "cashback" opportunities from Capitastar and Frasers Rewards?

What is ShopBack? It is a website/mobile application which direct traffic to the relevant online shops such as Lazada, Expedia, etc. The merchants reward them with a commission for referring you to shop on their site and instead of keeping the rewards all to themselves, they share it with you! Once you have accumulated at least $10 in the account, you will be able to redeem it and transfer the cashback to your bank account!

(Promo ends in 3 days time as of 28/05/2017)
(Update - Promo has been extended!! Ending on 14 Jun 2017!)
ShopBack has partnered with Amex once again to offer you cashback and Capitaland voucher! The previous promotion/tie-up was back in December 2016. You will be eligible as long as you are not holding either the Amex CapitaCard or the Krisflyer credit card.

Below is KPO's ShopBack transactions:

I have a total of $89.67 worth of cashback in my account and has successfully withdraw $25.60 from ShopBack. This is not a scam unlike those SIA anniversary free tickets your parents/aunts/uncles have been sharing on FB or mandarin speaking police that might have called you.

Let's get started! If you have an account, skip to Step 2.

Step 1: Sign up and create an account (KPO will be grateful for treating him lunch if you use his referral link) You will be awarded $5 cash in your account! I will be getting $5 too once you successfully make your first cashback redemption.

ShopBack referral link: HERE

Step 2: Sign in to your account and proceed to the Amex Promo Page. Please read the T&Cs first! KPO would like to thank you for using his referral link by copy and pasting the full T&Cs below:

Once your card is approved, your $50 Cashback will be redeemable within 60 days.
In order to successfully qualify for Cashback, please ensure that:
  • You've clicked through this page to American Express and completed your application within 1 window session.
  • For every card application, you've clicked through via ShopBack on the specific card deal on this page to American Express and applied for the same card within 1 window session. This means that every card application requires a new clickthrough via ShopBack on this page. 
  • You've applied for a card via ShopBack before 31 May 2017, 23:59.
  • You've submitted the form within 5 days of applying the card.
  • Your card is approved by 16 July 2017.
  • You've successfully completed all steps 1-3 on shopback.sg/amex-promo page.
$50 Cashback Terms & Conditions
  • Valid only on card applications via ShopBack from 26 May, 0:00 - 31 May, 23:59. 
  • Valid only on American Express CapitaCard and American Express KrisFlyer Card.
  • $50 Cashback will be fulfilled by ShopBack.
  • A ShopBack Member can apply for multiple cards. $50 Cashback will be given for each successful card application.
  • Cashback will be tracked in your ShopBack account within 5 days after submitting form and redeemable within 60 days.
  • For enquiries on the 12 destinations travel contest, please visit here.
  • ShopBack reserves the right to pause, terminate the promotion without prior notice.

Step 3: You can either apply for the CapitaCard or the Krisflyer credit card by clicking "Apply Now" (from the ShopBack site). KPO's recommendation is that you apply for CapitaCard. The Krisflyer credit card is one of the worst miles card and you cannot do much with the 5k miles. On the other hand, the CapitaCard gives you $20 once you make any purchase (>$1) with the card within the first 6 months. You can get an additional $30 + $20 if you spend $888 on the first 6 months instead (spend on Capitaland shopping malls, Fraser not eligible). However, the T&Cs did state that you can apply for multiple cards and get $50 cashback for each successful card. $100 for two credit card applications, why not?

Step 4 (Important!): Fill in the Amex credit card application form. Once you reach the "Thank You" page, take note of your application reference number. KPO will recommend taking a screenshot as well. After that, proceed to this Google Form page to submit your reference number and ShopBack email within 5 days!

Enjoy the "free" cashback + voucher! KPO used the Capitaland vouchers to treat CZM to some good food in one of the Capitaland shopping mall.

Note: KPO and CZM is vested in Capitaland and Capitaland Mall Trust. lol

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