$$$ KPO and CZM $$$: Portfolio Update - Jan 2017

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Portfolio Update - Jan 2017

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Hope everyone got big ang bao!

January has always been a good month because lots of company will be declaring dividends! Total dividends is $761.25 (based on XD Date) contributed by First REIT, CMT, Soilbuild REIT and Ascott REIT. You can refer to the exact breakdown here.

I have also added 2 new stocks - Ascott REIT and Raffles Medical which brings our investment to $184k! Another $15k and we will be able to become SCB priority customer with no minimum commission! I had to sell off some CNAV stocks that are illiquid/with extremely low volume before SCB implemented thier new commission structure last year.

The reason why I buy those stocks? I prefer REIT that are undervalued (PB < 1, price < NAV, etc.) because I can collect dividend while waiting for them to hit NAV. An example is Saizen REIT which gave me about 50% return when they got bought over last year! As for Raffles Medical, I just wanted to diversify slightly and was looking at healthcare stocks.

On a side note, CZM is very lazy. She seems to have lost interest already. I guess there will be a lot more posts on money than food. Lol.

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