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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Syfe - May 2020

It has been a month since I blogged about Syfe REIT+ (100%) Review and its statement is finally out! Let's take a look!

Our Syfe REIT+ Portfolio
Composition: 100% REITs
Dividend: Reinvest
Monthly Investment: $1,000

Account Statement (Lifetime)

Our current tier is Blue (<$20,000). This is determined by the size of the portfolio which in turn determines the fees to be charged. The return for the month is $135.43 which includes a $40 referral bonus. Thanks to our readers for using our code!

Account Statement (May 2020)

The account summary for the month of May is going to be identical to the lifetime view as we just started the investment.

As of 9 June 2020, this is our portfolio performance:

Capital: $1,000.00
Current: $1,371.15 (14.34%)

Transaction Breakdown

There's too many so I will just share the first page. Anyway, if you want to extract the transaction information from Syfe, do take a look at this article - Syfe Transactions Parser.

After parsing them into a csv file, I pivoted the data to get the following view.

Management Fee

The management fee can be obtained by $792.83 x 0.65% / 366 * 31 ~ $0.42 (pro-rated for first month).


Looking at the time-weighted return (14.28%) for this year, we can see that Syfe REIT+ 100% is outperforming the STI ETF (including fees). In addition, if we were to look at the projected dividends till the end of the year based on the existing investment, we can expect $34.54 of dividends or $2.88 per month. Since the dividends >> fees, this is a pretty sustainable portfolio assuming if there's no capital loss.

If you are interested in signing up, do use our referral code (KPOBONUS) for some cash incentive! Invests $500 and more and we will receive a $10 bonus each. Invests $10,000 and more and we will receive a $50 bonus each. Invests $20,000 and more, we will receive a $100 bonus each!

If you are interested in the smart portfolio tracker (StocksCafe) which I am using as shown above, sign up using my link for a longer trial period :) Refer to our Referrals page for more information.

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  1. Hey KPO! Just to check, for your Syfe REIT+, did you opt of the rebalancing? 'Cus there has been a number of articles advocating that one should do so - so that this product acts like an ETF (just track the iEdge S-REIT 20 Index) and doesn't pretend otherwise.

    On this note, correct me if I am wrong, opting out of Endowus' rebalancing function will not have the same result as Syfe REIT+ since it is made up more components (i.e. Dimensional/PIMCO/Lion Global funds) while Syfe REIT+ will simply revert to it baseline of the iEdge S-REIT 20 Index hor?

    Last but not least, would you know what are the/where to find the entire 20 constituents iEdge S-REIT 20 Index? Search results only show the top 10 leh haha.

    1. Hey DS,

      I might be wrong but those articles are probably old ones referring to the first version of REIT+ with some form of ARI mechanism. So it rebalances by selling off REITs and buying more bonds at one period in time.

      The one I got is REIT+ 100% REITs so there's nothing to rebalance. I do not see the option to opt in/out when I login to Syfe too.

      My recommendation is to just leave the rebalancing function on and trust them to do their job.

      I cannot find it too when I was reviewing it initially. I only realized when I wrote the transaction parser and found 19 REITs in my portfolio. I was then told that the last one is Manulife US REIT and was excluded because it is USD-denominated. You can refer to this - https://kpo-and-czm.blogspot.com/2020/05/syfe-transactions-parser.html

  2. Ah I see. Paiseh bro, btw, a couple more questions that suddenly occurred to me:

    1. How do I link a bank account? I assume a bank account is needed when (a) I wish to withdraw money and (b) I wish for my dividends to be credited into my bank account (once I have hit the higher tiers >$20k). However, I don't recall seeing a tab for me to link my bank account leh haha.

    2. Related to the point above on withdrawal, how do I even indicate that I wish to sell my shares? Do I have to close my entire portfolio? Or am I able to sell a portion of my shares? Or is it not a case of selling the shares I own per se but withdrawing the dollar amount? For example, if my portfolio value today is $1014, am I able to simply withdraw $14?

    I used your referral code btw! ;)

    1. Hi DS,

      Great questions, I don't know too. I went into my account and click around, couldn't find any of those options. Let me email and ask.

      Technically, there should be a withdrawal option/button somewhere and we enter the amount we want to withdraw e.g. $14 and it will proceed to sell $14 worth of shares and after the settlement date, it should credit to our bank account.

      The problem now is where is the bank account and withdrawal button?? lol.

      Thanks for using our referral code! Will get back to you again.

    2. Haha thanks man! Then I won't spam them as well. Will wait for your update!

      But lol awkward oversight moment. I only realised this when I was talking to my colleague about this. And he asked: wa money in fast, money out also fast? And I realised I didn't know LOL! And I thought I'm usually quite careful about such stuff. I think cus (i) so many people had written reviews about it, (ii) we were just tracking an index, (iii) small amount, and (iv) onboarding too smooth haha. But ya lor - weird that they didn't ask us for our account during the onboarding like Endowus.

      Oh well. Lesson learnt!

    3. Hi DS,

      It's at the minus sign/button. Not sure why I missed it last night. Maybe too tired. Lol.

      I checked the mobile app after they responded and saw the option to withdraw and enter your bank account there.