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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Samsung Pay x SimplyGo x Visa Hack

We have finally moved into our new house! Finally got some time to blog and work on some of the article that has been in the draft for the longest time. Anyway, KPO is sharing another hack! Unfortunately, this is only for Samsung Pay users!

I blogged about something similarly previously - Samsung Pay Rewards - Free Active Fast Charging Wireless Charging Stand! The reward is no longer available but you can read more about Samsung Pay Rewards and how it works. In short, it is a tier-based rewards program that awards points based on the number of transactions regardless of the amount.

This has been tried and tested by us for the last few weeks. By now you should have at least heard of SimplyGo, so I will not go into the details. In my opinion, it is much much better than EZ-Link because you no longer have to top up or worry about having insufficient value in the card. In addition, using SimplyGo with credit cards means that you will be able to get the benefits (miles/cashback) that come with the card.

This hack works only for Visa cards due to the difference in implementation as compared to Mastercard. Interestingly, although Mastercard launched earlier and started the trial/beta first (since last year), Visa decided that they have to be different.

Mastercard consolidates the transactions/fares - up to 5 days, or after every 21 transactions, or after a total of $15 is spent, whichever is earlier. On the other hand, transit fares are accumulated on a daily basis for Visa credit cards.

The Hack
To fully maximize the hack, one should have at least 2 Visa cards registered to your Samsung Pay wallet. A typical person should take at least 2 public transport - one to work and the other back home.

Use one Visa card on your way to work and change the transit card to the other Visa card for the next public transport ride. The next day when the transactions are posted, you will be awarded Samsung Rewards Points for each card. This also allows one to reach the Gold tier easily (requires 30 transactions = 2 per day, about 15 working days). If you have more Visa cards, just keep changing them.

The trade-off is you will get a "messy" statement.

Compare the above with the below Mastercard statement.

So will you be willing to go through the trouble?

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