$$$ KPO and CZM $$$: Expenses - January 2019

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Expenses - January 2019

We received an email from HDB that our house will be ready soon and the email states that we can collect the keys around May!

Taken from Qanvast - https://qanvast.com/sg/interior-designers/voila-45
CZM spent a lot of time designing the house (something like the above)/floor plan using ppt and we sent out to a bunch of IDs for quotation. Some of the quotations we got were around 50-70k. Faints!

As mentioned previously, I will be tracking our total expenses as a married couple starting this year. I can foresee that our expenses for this year will be the highest ever due to the above (house renovation, new furniture, etc.) + our US/Canada trip. Thinking back, wedding expenses were not that huge because we were able to recoup some/most of it at the banquet.

Current Profile: 29 years couple who got married recently but staying separately with our own parents while waiting for the BTO project to be completed this year.

Our total expenses were $11,712.06!!! The breakdown would be as follows:

KPO Expense Fund (our common fund): $7,772.40

KPO: $2,229.22

CZM: $1,710.44


$4,121.25 - The total cost in SGD for 2 pax return First Class flight to Washington DC due to Cathay Pacific blunder - Thank You Cathay Pacific! Another First Class Flight on American Airlines

$1,000 - I will be going on a tour by Hong Thai Travel to Eastern Europe with my parents.

$2,980 - That is the total amount of red packet we prepared for CNY. The bulk of it goes to our parents ($888 x 2) and grandparents ($188 x 4). The rest are $20 for siblings, and either $8 or $6 (random strangers).

$380 - Attended a wedding at Andaz Singapore (with CZM)

$1,260 - That is the total amount we are giving to our parents as allowance.

$629.74 - Our combined food expenses are still on the low side because we are still staying with our parents.

$293.58 can be further broken down to $171.13 (EZ Link) and the rest on cab ($122.45).

$177 - This is a fixed monthly cost for the basic coverage - term life and hospitalization.

$100.04 - Online Shopping: CZM bought some new/CNY clothes.

$65.85 - Health: I fell sick and went to Raffles Medical (supporting my own stocks). lol. Not an actual expense because I can claim all of them back from my company.

$32.00 - Watsons: It seems that CZM will always buy something from Watson almost every month for it to become a category by itself. No idea what she bought. Hahaha.

$26.25 - Credit Card: Converted DBS points to KrisFlyer miles ($25 + GST).

$12.00 - Gambling: Toto, the fastest way to fulfil our millionaire dream.

$5.50 - Hobby: We collect overseas and old notes. It is an expensive hobby...

January 2019 - $11,712.06

Total expenses for 2019: $11,712.06
Average expenses per month for 2019: $11,712.06

This is the first time I am compiling our expenses together. To be honest, it is such a mess! The plan going forward is to remove the "Darling"/CZM category, nest it under the existing categories and hopefully they will be clearer and neater next month.

On the bright side, if we were to remove the one-time expenses such as Vacation and Gifts. Our combined expenses are only ~$3,600+. Till next time!

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  1. Overseas and old notes? You are in luck!

    Singapore International Coin Fair will be held from this Friday to Sunday over at Marina Bay Sands. I will be unlocking my warchest for this lol

    1. Wow. That's interesting, never knew that there will be such a fair and that we had the same hobby! Hahaha.

    2. I go there for the gold and silver lah.

      You going?

    3. Haha. Yeah. We happen to be around the area. Thanks for letting us know! See you there? lol

    4. I think I already left before you arrived lol