$$$ KPO and CZM $$$: Samsung Pay Rewards - Free Active Fast Charging Wireless Charging Stand!

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Samsung Pay Rewards - Free Active Fast Charging Wireless Charging Stand!

Updated on 6th May 2018: Unfortunately, the promotion has ended!

KPO is sharing another ridiculously good deal! Unfortunately, this is only for Samsung Pay users!

As Singapore moves towards a cashless society, mobile contactless payment should not be new to anyone. Samsung Pay/Google Pay (previously known as Android Pay)/Apple Pay works similarly to credit/debit cards payWave with the convenience of having all your cards in one device. On top of the usual credit cards rewards/benefits, one can still earn more points/rewards by using mobile contactless payment!

For instance, Milelion recently blogged about the possibility of earning 8 miles per dollar through Citibank-Apple Pay 20X promotion. On the other hand, there is Samsung Pay that rewards users through their own points/rewards system where one will be able to exchange for various items. The return/cashback is slightly difficult to quantify because points are awarded on a transactional basis (not based on spending).

There are 3 reward levels - Bronze (10 points), Silver (20 points), and Gold (30 points). Points are awarded per transaction depending on your level regardless of the amount spent. For instance, if I am a Bronze member and I paid $88 for grocery in NTUC, I will be given 10 points. On the other hand, if CZM is a Gold member and she paid $2 for a Yakun Kopi-C, she will be given 30 points! This is slightly counter-intuitive but if you think about it, we are simply changing the payment method and technically there is no need to further incentivize/reward us. One would need 10 purchases to move from Bronze to Silver and 30 purchases to move from Silver to Gold on that month. The level achieved will be carried over to the next month and you will be required to make the similar amount of purchases to keep the reward level. Remember these are all on top of what the banks are giving, so we are still earning 4 miles per dollar using UOB Visa Platinum and 1.2 miles per dollar through Citi Premier Miles.

Every now and then, Samsung will release new promotions/coupons for users to utilize those points such as Deliveroo promo code, lucky draw, etc. The latest one is a free Samsung Active Fast Charging Wireless Charging Stand (selling at around $98) for just 800 points! This promotion started on 4th May 2018 and will run until 27th May 2018 (while stocks last).

To truly maximize the reward system, one should spend as little as possible and as many times as possible. lol. Everyone needs a cup of coffee everyday right? The number of Kopi-C required or cashback accumulated would be as follows:

Points Number of Transaction Total Cost ($2 per Kopi-C) Cashback*
Bronze 10 80 $160.00 61%
Silver 20 40 $80.00 123%
Gold 30 26.667 $53.33 184%

*The cashback is based on the retail price of $98 and could be higher if you drink Kopi-O. Hahahaha. Assuming if you do not have sufficient points and would need to accumulate 800 points from start, you will need 44 transactions!

Points Number of Transaction Total Cost ($2 per Kopi-C) Cumulative Total Points
Bronze 10 10 $20.00 100
Silver 20 30 $60.00 700
Gold 30 4 $8.00 820
Total Cost $88.00
Cashback 111%

Having said that, I am guessing this promotion will probably end much earlier similar to the last promotion where one can exchange 1,800 points for a pair of Cathay movie tickets.

Points Number of Transaction Total Cost ($2 per Kopi-C) Cashback*
Bronze 10 180 $360.00 7%
Silver 20 90 $180.00 14%
Gold 30 60 $120.00 22%

*The cashback is based on a pair of weekend movie tickets at $13 each and could be lower if you redeem it for weekday movie tickets.

CZM and I have redeemed 1 each. Hope you get yours too :)

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Didnt know that samsung pay has such benefits :p

    1. Haha. No problem! Sharing is caring :)

  2. I didnt know samsung pay has a points system. is it possible to see the balance in the app? cant find it. seems that this promo has ran out too?

    1. You can find it in the Samsung Pay app under the Samsung Rewards option. Unfortunately, the promotion has ended already. It was definitely much faster than I have expected. I guess the deal was too good! Next time!