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Friday, April 13, 2018

StashAway New Update - Transactions

I updated the StashAway mobile application and was playing with it. Holy! They have finally revamped the "Transactions" tab. Not sure if they did it much earlier or recently but I only discovered it today.

Although we decided to invest more money through StashAway and I blogged about it here - Automating Capital Growth Through StashAway. I have been complaining about 2 things:
- Limited visibility into the transactions in the UI (everything can be found in the monthly statement but that requires the user to wait a few weeks for it)
- Exchange rate (SGD deposit to USD) cannot be found in the UI or monthly statement (this can be reversed/computed from the USD cash flow in the monthly statement)

This was part of the review I left on Seedly and prior to that, I gave the same feedbacks to
Michele and Freddy when we met again earlier this year in StashAway's new office. I am pretty sure I am not the only one complaining/giving these feedbacks but I am glad they have made the relevant changes to these things that annoy the hell out of me.

In my last update (StashAway - March 2018), I highlighted that StashAway is finally proving the information on the currency conversion. At the back of my mind, I was thinking it would be great if the same information can be provided/displayed for previous months and my wish was granted. lol.

Do you see a difference? It now contains the real/actual transactions such as buy, sell and dividends! I can also filter the transaction type to see transactions which I am interested in.

With the above information, I quickly compare it against the historical exchange rate on XE. The "close" rate from XE is captured as of 00:00 UTC on that day.

It seems that the exchange rate provided by StashAway are pretty decent and are definitely much better than the banks and money changers! A difference of about USD $1.67 for exchanging SGD $5,940 to USD $4,457.44.

The chart in the mobile application is interactive now and captures monthly snapshots. Interestingly, the web/browser chart is not interactive at all! KPO complaining again. lol.

Based on my own tracking, the snapshot is most likely based on the market value for the last day of the month. Having seen how bits and pieces of StashAway changed over the last few months, I am pretty satisfied with it now.

How do you find StashAway so far? Any other complaints/feedbacks?

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