$$$ KPO and CZM $$$: StashAway Referral Link for Our Readers

Friday, January 12, 2018

StashAway Referral Link for Our Readers

A couple of readers have actually contacted me and ask for our StashAway referral link because we have motivated them to start investing. Unfortunately, I have been rejecting/turning down their nice offers because sharing our referral link would reveal our real identities and we prefer to keep them hidden as compared to saving a few dollars in fees.

I contacted StashAway and they were kind enough to entertain me. So I am proud to announce that we have a referral link for our readers! You no longer have to go around asking friends/colleagues for one (my suggestion when I turned them down).

Signing up through our referral link (you will need to click on the green button "Get up to $10K Managed for Free" to signup) will provide you the exact same offer as any other referral - SGD $10,000 free management for 6 months.

What do we get in return? Nothing :) This is a referral page specially created for our readers and is not linked to our actual StashAway account so we will not be enjoying the benefit of the referral programme. Honestly, that is unfortunate but the purpose of the blog is not for us to get referrals and minimize the fees. It is to motivate others to start investing, have goals in life and work towards them and most importantly, lead a happy life with their other half. We are glad to see some of that happening.

Here you go: KPO and CZM Referral Link

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