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Sunday, November 19, 2017

IPO Hit and Run Calculator

KPO is sharing more spreadsheet! Hahahaha.

We have a few IPO upcoming and the latest one is RE&S Holdings Limited (closes on tomorrow/19th November 12pm) followed closely by MindChamps (closes on 22 November 12pm).

This post is not about my analysis of the company. You can refer to these analyses:
- Singapore IPOs: RE&S Holdings Limited
- sginvestors.io: Phillip Securities IPO Note
- Singapore IPOs: MindCamps Preschool Limited

I did a 3 years analysis a few months back on IPOs - Will IPO Make Money - IPO Analysis for the Last 3 Years. Do take a look if you have not :) I jokingly concluded that we should participate in all the IPOs and sell on its opening day! While I was reading Mr. IPO's summary on RE&S Holdings, he mentioned that this IPO will be a hit and run and I thought of coming up with this spreadsheet.

A quick way to tell if a company is trading at fair value is to compare its PE against that of its peers. In the above analysis, we can be sure that RE&S Holdings is trading below the industry average PE. Do note PE comparison is a quick way to compare stocks, not the best way. Is there even a best way? lol.

Using RE&S Holdings as an example, the following highlighted fields can be modified/configured with the relevant numbers. Based on the budget/cash you have, it will automatically compute the number of units that can be applied. One can apply for IPO either through the public tranche (ATM or ibanking) with a $2 application fee or through placement where the brokerage fee is at 1% with 7% GST.

Assuming that we were allocated X number of units and we sell the stock at around industry PE which is $0.255. Regardless of the number of units allocated, we will definitely profit from it including all the fees!

However, if we were to sell the stock slightly higher than IPO price at $0.225, depending on the number of units allocated, we may/may not lose money after deducting the initial cost and the commission from selling the stock. This spreadsheet will also be helpful in determining a trailing stop loss for your IPO stock.

Google spreadsheet can be accessed here - IPO Hit and Run Calculator. Have fun!

On a side note, we will be applying for 101,000 units of RE&S Holdings Limited. Huat ah!

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  1. Huat ah! Good luck to your IPO application!

    It had been some time since you last updated on "KPO needs to lose weight"at the bottom of your post :p

    1. Hi sleepydevil,

      Thank you! Most likely wouldn't get it though. Hahahaha. Didn't know you are so interested in my weight! I last update it in the October portfolio update, doing the update monthly :)

      Since you asked, the weight is now 75.3kg and BMI is 25.1. lol

  2. so how, got hit and got run? up 40+% on first day

    1. Hi foolish chameleon,

      No hit cannot run! I applied MindChamps also never get. Haha. KPO no luck in IPO one. The only time I got it (Netlink Trust), it opened flat. lol. Hope you got some :)