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Friday, March 31, 2017

CabRewards vs GrabRewards

CZM and I always do OT (sad life) and company policy allows us to claim our cab rides after certain hour. Last year, we were able to convert our CabRewards to $70 Comfort Delgro vouchers!

These are the small little things that keep KPO happy. I will now analyze both options to see which is a better option.

CabRewards is the first ever taxi rewards programme for Cashless paying passengers with Cabpoints.

You need to create an account at their site and register up to 2 ez-link/NETS FlashPay card. Before making payment, tell the driver you want CabRewards and tap your card at the terminal.

You can earn 1 point for every $1 dollar spent (rounded to the nearest dollar) and expire by next year Jan. $5 voucher requires 1000 points while $10 requires 1650 points. That gives us a rebate of 0.5% for $5 redemption and 0.6% for $10 redemption (something like the marshmallow experiment on delayed delayed gratification? lol). Occasionally there will be certain promotion that allows one to redeem voucher at a certain discount or x5 points on your birthday month, etc which will accelerate the process.

Grab introduced GrabRewards recently where one can now earn 7 points for every $10 spend (0.7 points per dollar). One can redeem $5 using 2200 points and $10 for 4200 points. That would translate to 0.15% for $5 redemption and 0.16% for $10 redemption.

I guess the winner is clear, the rebate (0.5%) one can get from CabRewards is around the same as what Capitaland and Fraser are giving. You can read my recommendation/comparison of both rewards program here. Grab is a winner too - not for their rewards program but in giving out promo codes :)

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